World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: England v Colombia
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
 Full Time - Penalty KicksFOX/TELE
(3) 1
1 (4)
 0-1H. Kane (p) 57'
Y. Mina  90+3' 1-1 
Penalty Kicks:  England wins (4 - 3)
ENGH. Kane (p) 57' 0-1
COLY. Mina  90+3' 1-1
Penalty Kicks:  England wins (4 - 3)
HT: 0-0
Otkrytie Arena (Attendance: 44,190)
Referee: Mark Geiger
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Colombia vs. England
Minute Commentary
120' Final
What a game! A Colombia stoppage time goal sends the game into extra time, but England's penalty shoot-out jinx is over. Goals by Kane, Rashford, Trippier, and Dier send England through for the first time ever on penalties. The Three Lions will go on to face Sweden in the Quarter-Finals.
120' England Penalty #5 - Dier
Eric Dier powers it bottom left and scores! England advances on penalties 4-3!
120' England
England scores this and they advance.
120' Colombia Penalty #5 - Bacca
Carlos Bacca goes left but is saved by Jordan Pickford: 3-3
120' England Penalty #4 - Trippier
Kieran Trippier goes top left and sends it past a diving Ospina, we are level again: 3-3.
120' Colombia Penalty #4 - Uribe
Mateus Uribe shoots and hits the crosss bar and out: 3-2.
120' England Penalty #3 - Henderson
Jordan Henderson goes bottom right and David Ospina gets a hand to hit: 3-2 still.
120' Colombia Penalty #3 - Muriel
Luis Muriel goes bottom right and sends Pickford the wrong way: 3-2.
120' England Penalty #2 - Rashford
Marcus Rashford shoots bottom left and tucks it home: 2-2.
120' Colombia Penalty #2 - Cuadrado
Juan Cuadrado powers it to the upper left: 2-1.
120' England Penalty #1 - Kane
Harry Kane shoots bottom left and scores: 1-1.
120' Colombia Penalty #1 - Falcao
Radamel Falcao shoots it right down the middle and scores: 1-0.
120' Penalties
Colombia will kick first.
120' Penalties!
The final whistle blows, and we now have penalty kicks.
118' Colombia Yellow Card
Juan Cuadrado gets a card for a late, hard challenge on Danny Rose.
115' Colombia Subtitution
Santiago Arias is subbed off for Cristian Zapata.
114' England Corner
Kieran Trippier crosses the ball in and hits Eric Dier head but can't place it on frame.
113' England Substitution
Marcus Rashford has come on for Kyle Walker
112' England Shot
Danny Rose has a go with his left foot from a tight angle but misses his shot past the far post.
108' England Shot
Jamie Vardy has a shot from just outside the box but is deflected before it gets to Ospina.
106' Second Extra Time Period Start
Teams have switched sides, 15 minutes for either team to score, otherwise we have penalties. England attack from left to right.
105' First Extra Time Period Done
First period is done, 15 minutes to go before the dreaded penalties. Still 1-1.
104' Colombia Shot
Johan Mojica whips in a cross and finds the head of Radamel Falcao but can't direct it goal-ward, being pressured by Harry Maguire.
102' England Substitution
Ashley Young is subbed off for Danny Rose.
101' Colombia Shot
Juan Cuadrado whips in a cross that Carlos Bacca gets his head to but is deflected behind for a corner kick.
100' Tired Legs
Neither team is really pressing forward and are avoiding at all cost to give the other team an opportunity.
91' Extra Time Start
We start extra time with England attacking from right to left. Thirty more minutes of soccer with penalties looming.
90' Extra Time
Mark Geiger blows his whistle, and we are headed into extra time. Yerry Mina with the goal in stoppage time to tie it.
90' Colombia Goal!
Yerry Mina scores his third goal of the World Cup from another corner kick. He heads it downward and Kieran Trippier can't get the ball off the line. We are level 1-1.
86' Colombia Chances
Davinson Sanchez and Radamel Falcao both had shots with headers but neither of them can get a shot on frame from wonderful crosses. Colombia still down by one.
84' England Free Kick
Kieran Trippier floats a ball into the box and finds Harry Maguire but can't hit the target and misses above the bar.
81' Colombia Shot
Juan Cuadrado skies a shot after a Kyle Walker mistake by passing it backwards and is intercepted by a Colombian forward. Juan Cuadrado will want that one back.
80' England Substitution
Dele Alli is being subbed off for Eric Dier.
79' Colombia Substitution
Carlos Sanchez has been subbed off for Mateus Uribe.
77' England Counter
With Colombia having to press forward Raheem Sterling dibbles through on the counter and finds Jesse Lingard who can't get the shot away after falling in the box.
73' England Corner
Ashley Young takes the corner and finds Harry Maguire's head but can't direct the ball on target and goes just over the bar.
69' England Yellow Card
Jesse Lingard gets a yellow card for tripping a player on a late challenge.
68' Ashley Young Down
Ashley Young is laying down on the pitch which forces the physios to check in on him. It looks like a leg injury from an earlier tackle.
64' Colombia Yellow
Carlos Bacca gets a yellow for clipping a defender from behind.
64' Colombia Yellow Card
Radamel Falcao goes in the referee's book for dissent.
63' England Chances
Ashley Young whips in a free kick that Harry Maguire heads across the goal mouth which no one can get to but the recycled ball crossed by Kieran Trippier finds Dele Alli head but misses just wide.
61' Colombia Substitution
Jefferson Lerma is being subbed off for Carlos Bacca.
59' Colombia Shot
Juan Quintero lets one rip from way outside the box but hits his own man on the way to the net.
57' England Goal!
Harry Kane sends David Ospina the wrong way and powers home his penalty in the center of the net. 1-0 England.
56' More Yellows
Jordan Henderson gets a yellow for a push on a Colombian player.
56' England Penalty Kick!
Harry Kane earns England a penalty kick after being dragged down in the box by Carlos Sanchez. Colombian players are surrounding and talking to Geiger about the penalty but are unable to change his decision.
54' Colombia Yellow
Carlos Sanchez gets a yellow for bringing down Harry Kane in the box from the corner.
52' Colombia Yellow Card
Santiago Arias gets a yellow card for a push in the back on an aerial challenge versus Harry Kane.
46' Second Half Start
The whistle blows, the teams have switched sides, and the second half has now started. England now attack from left to right.
45' Halftime
Mark Geiger blows his whistle to signal halftime with the game still tied at 0-0.
45' England Shot
Jesse Lingard has a go on the volley off a Kieran Trippier rebound but gets too far under it and skies it over the ball.
45' Colombia Shot
Juan Quintero has Colombia's first shot on target with a curler from the top of the box but goes right to Jordan Pickford.
45' England Shot
Harry Kane has a go from outside the box but can't hit the target and pulls it wide of the post.
42' England Free Kick
Kieran Trippier takes the free kick but can't tuck it into the goal and misses wide of the post.
40' Colombia Yellow Card
Wilmar Barrios gets a yellow card for head-butting Jordan Henderson prior to an England free kick.
33' Colombia Shot
Juan Quintero tries a shot on the half volley but miss hits the ball which rolls wide of the goal.
31' England Shot
Raheem Sterling has a left footed shot from outside the box on the counter but gets blocked right away.
28' England Corner
Kieran Trippier puts the ball in from the corner but is headed away by Yerry Mina near the penalty spot.
16' England Shot
Harry Kane can't tuck in a header after a beautiful cross fired in by Kieran Trippier from the right flank. Kane's header misses just above the bar.
13' England Shot
Raheem Sterling has a go with a low drive but is blocked on the way through before it gets to the keeper by Davinson Sanchez.
6' England Free Kick
England's first chance of the game comes from a free kick taken by Ashley Young who has a strike which forces a punch from David Ospina.
1' Kickoff
Mark Geiger (USA) is the referee for tonight’s game. He blows his whistle and we are underway at the Spartak Stadium. England is wearing all red while Colombia is sporting their yellow and white kits. England start the game attacking from right to left.
0' Colombia
Colombia Substitutions: Cristian Zapata, Oscar Murillo, Carlos Bacca, Abel Aguilar, Camilo Vargas, Luis Muriel, Mateus Uribe, Farid Alfonso Diaz, Jose Izquierdo, Jose Cuadrado.
0' Colombia
Colombia (4-3-3): David Ospina; Santiago Arias, Yerry Mina, Davinson Sanchez, Johan Mojica; Carlos Sanchez, Wilmar Barrios, Jefferson Lerma; Juan Cuadrado, Juan Quintero; Radamel Falcao; Jose Pekerman (M)
0' England
England (3-5-2): Jordan Pickford; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire; Kieran Trippier, Jesse Lingard, Jordan Henderson, Dele Alli, Ashley Young; Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane; Gareth Southgate (M)
0' Colombia
Colombia won Group H by beating Poland and Senegal after an opening match defeat against Colombia. The big news out of Colombia’s camp is the absence of James Rodriguez after injuring his calf against Senegal. Colombia will have to look for Juan Quintero and Radamel Falcao to lead the Colombian attack to make it to their second straight World Cup quarter-finals.
0' England
England came runner’s up in Group G after beating both Tunisia and Panama, while losing their last game to Belgium after sporting a weaker line-up. The Three Lions will look to reach the quarter-finals for the first time since 2006. England will look for captain and Golden Boot leader Harry Kane to score the goals, while midfielder Jordan Henderson will look to protect England’s back line from Colombia’s midfielders.
0' Welcome
Welcome to the final match of the Round of 16 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Today, we see England take on Colombia. Kickoff is a little under an hour away, so let’s see how both these teams have got to this position so far this tournament.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
David Ospina1
52' 116' Santiago Arias4
90+3' Yerry Mina13
Davinson Sánchez23
Johan Mojica17
41' Wilmar Barrios5
54' 79' Carlos Sánchez6
61' Jefferson Lerma16
118' 120+2' Juan Cuadrado11
88' Juan Quintero20
63' 120+2' Radamel Falcao9
José Fernando Cuadrado22
Camilo Vargas12
116' Cristian Zapata2
Óscar Murillo3
Farid Alfonso Díaz18
79' Mateus Uribe15
Abel Aguilar8
64' 61' Carlos Bacca7
88' 120+2' Luis Muriel14
José Izquierdo21
1Jordan Pickford
2Kyle Walker 113'
5John Stones
6Harry Maguire
12Kieran Trippier 120+2' 
20Dele Alli 81'
8Jordan Henderson 56'
7Jesse Lingard 69'
18Ashley Young 102'
10Raheem Sterling 88'
9Harry Kane 57'  120+2' 
13Jack Butland
23Nick Pope
3Danny Rose 102'
15Gary Cahill
16Phil Jones
22Trent Alexander-Arnold
4Eric Dier 81' 120+2' 
21Ruben Loftus-Cheek
11Jamie Vardy 88'
19Marcus Rashford 113' 120+2' 
14Danny Welbeck
José Pekerman 
Gareth Southgate 
1David Ospina
4Santiago Arias
Yellow Card 52'
Substitution Cristian Zapata (on) 116'
13Yerry Mina
Goal 90+3'
23Davinson Sánchez
17Johan Mojica
5Wilmar Barrios
Yellow Card 41'
6Carlos Sánchez
Yellow Card 54'
Substitution Mateus Uribe (on) 79'
16Jefferson Lerma
Substitution Carlos Bacca (on) 61'
11Juan Cuadrado
Yellow Card 118'
Goal 120+2'
20Juan Quintero
Substitution Luis Muriel (on) 88'
9Radamel Falcao
Yellow Card 63'
Goal 120+2'
22José Fernando Cuadrado
12Camilo Vargas
2Cristian Zapata
Substitution Cristian Zapata (on) 116'
3Óscar Murillo
18Farid Alfonso Díaz
15Mateus Uribe
Substitution Mateus Uribe (on) 79'
8Abel Aguilar
7Carlos Bacca
Yellow Card 64'
Substitution Carlos Bacca (on) 61'
14Luis Muriel
Substitution Luis Muriel (on) 88'
Goal 120+2'
21José Izquierdo
José Pekerman 
1Jordan Pickford
2Kyle Walker
Substitution Marcus Rashford (on) 113'
5John Stones
6Harry Maguire
12Kieran Trippier
Goal 120+2'
20Dele Alli
Substitution Eric Dier (on) 81'
8Jordan Henderson
Yellow Card 56'
7Jesse Lingard
Yellow Card 69'
18Ashley Young
Substitution Danny Rose (on) 102'
10Raheem Sterling
Substitution Jamie Vardy (on) 88'
9Harry Kane
Goal 57'
Goal 120+2'
13Jack Butland
23Nick Pope
3Danny Rose
Substitution Ashley Young (off) 102'
15Gary Cahill
16Phil Jones
22Trent Alexander-Arnold
4Eric Dier
Substitution Dele Alli (off) 81'
Goal 120+2'
21Ruben Loftus-Cheek
11Jamie Vardy
Substitution Raheem Sterling (off) 88'
19Marcus Rashford
Substitution Kyle Walker (off) 113'
Goal 120+2'
14Danny Welbeck
Gareth Southgate 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
ColombiaCOL EnglandENG
1 Goals 1
1 Assists 0
14 Shots 16
4 Shots on Goal 2
1 Saves 3
0 Penalties Scored 1
0 Penalty Kicks 1
18 Crosses 21
2 Corner Kicks 7
1 Offside 2
23 Fouls Committed 13
6 Cautions/Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
49% Ball Possession 51%
3 Shootout Results 4
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1David Ospina 120 - 0 0 1 1
4Santiago Arias 116 0 1 0 - -
5Wilmar Barrios 120 0 1 0 - -
6Carlos Sánchez 79 0 1 0 - -
9Radamel Falcao 120 0 1 0 - -
11Juan Cuadrado 120 0 1 0 - -
13Yerry Mina 120 1 0 0 - -
16Jefferson Lerma 62 0 0 0 - -
17Johan Mojica 120 0 0 0 - -
20Juan Quintero 88 0 0 0 - -
23Davinson Sánchez 120 0 0 0 - -
2Cristian Zapata 4 0 0 0 - -
7Carlos Bacca 58 0 1 0 - -
14Luis Muriel 32 0 0 0 - -
15Mateus Uribe 41 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Jordan Pickford 120 - 0 0 1 3
2Kyle Walker 113 0 0 0 - -
5John Stones 120 0 0 0 - -
6Harry Maguire 120 0 0 0 - -
7Jesse Lingard 120 0 1 0 - -
8Jordan Henderson 120 0 1 0 - -
9Harry Kane 120 1 0 0 - -
10Raheem Sterling 88 0 0 0 - -
12Kieran Trippier 120 0 0 0 - -
18Ashley Young 102 0 0 0 - -
20Dele Alli 81 0 0 0 - -
3Danny Rose 18 0 0 0 - -
4Eric Dier 39 0 0 0 - -
11Jamie Vardy 32 0 0 0 - -
19Marcus Rashford 7 0 0 0 - -
ColombiaCOL vs. EnglandENG
Minute Event
120+9' Game Over Colombia 1-1 England
120+9' Shootout Goal Eric Dier (England)
120+8' Shootout Save Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
120+7' Shootout Goal Kieran Trippier (England)
120+6' Shootout Miss Mateus Uribe (Colombia)
120+5' Shootout Save Jordan Henderson (England)
120+5' Shootout Goal Luis Muriel (Colombia)
120+4' Shootout Goal Marcus Rashford (England)
120+3' Shootout Goal Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
120+2' Shootout Goal Harry Kane (England)
120+2' Shootout Goal Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
120+2' Half Over Colombia 1-1 England
120+1' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
120+1' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
120' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
119' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
119' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
118' Cross Danny Rose (England)
118' Free Kick Danny Rose (England)
118' Yellow Card Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
118' Foul Rose fouled by Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
118' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
117' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
117' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Directly Out
116' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
116' Substitution Cristian Zapata (on). Arias (off). (Colombia)
115' Shot Eric Dier (England)
115' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Off Target
115' Corner Kick Kieran Trippier (England) - Off Target
114' Cross Jamie Vardy (England) - Clearance Out of Play
113' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
113' Substitution Marcus Rashford (on). Walker (off). (England)
112' Shot Danny Rose (England)
112' Throw-In Danny Rose (England)
111' Throw-In Danny Rose (England)
111' Cross Jamie Vardy (England) - Blocked
110' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
109' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
108' Throw-In Yerry Mina (Colombia)
108' Throw-In Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
108' Shot Jamie Vardy (England)
107' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
107' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
106' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
106' Offside Jamie Vardy (England)
106' Shot Jesse Lingard (England)
106' Start Half
105+2' Half Over Colombia 1-1 England
105+2' Free Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
105+1' Foul Trippier fouled by Luis Muriel (Colombia)
105+1' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
105+1' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
105' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Directly Out
104' Throw-In Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
104' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
104' Shot Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
104' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Off Target
103' Free Kick Mateus Uribe (Colombia)
103' Foul Mojica fouled by Jesse Lingard (England)
102' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
102' Substitution Danny Rose (on). Young (off). (England)
102' Shot Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
101' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Off Target
101' Corner Kick Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Off Target
101' Shot Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
101' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Off Target
100' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
98' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
96' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia)
96' Throw-In Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
95' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Clearance In Play
95' Throw-In Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
94' Free Kick Yerry Mina (Colombia)
93' Foul Bacca fouled by Eric Dier (England)
93' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
92' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
91' Foul Young fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
91' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
91' Start Half
90+7' Half Over Colombia 1-1 England
90+6' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
90+5' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
90+3' Goal Yerry Mina (Colombia). Assist by Cuadrado
90+3' Shot on Goal Yerry Mina (Colombia)
90+3' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Goal
90+3' Corner Kick Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Goal
90+2' Shot on Goal Mateus Uribe (Colombia)
90+2' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
90+2' Foul Arias fouled by Harry Kane (England)
90+2' Free Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
90+1' Foul Henderson fouled by Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
90+1' Injury Time (England)
90+1' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
90' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Directly Out
90' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
90' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
90' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
89' Foul Kane fouled by Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
89' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
88' Substitution Jamie Vardy (on). Sterling (off). (England)
88' Substitution Luis Muriel (on). Quintero (off). (Colombia)
87' Shot on Goal Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
86' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
86' Shot Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
86' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Off Target
85' Shot Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
85' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Off Target
85' Cross Juan Quintero (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
85' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
84' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
84' Shot Harry Maguire (England)
84' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
83' Foul Kane fouled by Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
83' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
83' Foul Barrios fouled by Jesse Lingard (England)
82' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
81' Shot Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
81' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
81' Substitution Eric Dier (on). Alli (off). (England)
80' Foul Kane fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
79' Free Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
79' Substitution Mateus Uribe (on). Sánchez (off). (Colombia)
78' Foul Alli fouled by Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
78' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
76' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
75' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
75' Offside Harry Kane (England)
75' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Offside
75' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
74' Foul Kane fouled by Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
74' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
73' Shot Harry Maguire (England)
73' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Off Target
73' Corner Kick Ashley Young (England) - Off Target
73' Cross Jesse Lingard (England) - Blocked
72' Free Kick Santiago Arias (Colombia)
72' Foul Arias fouled by Raheem Sterling (England)
71' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
69' Free Kick Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
69' Yellow Card Jesse Lingard (England)
69' Foul Sánchez fouled by Jesse Lingard (England)
69' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
67' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Defended
67' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
66' Free Kick Harry Maguire (England)
66' Foul Alli fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
66' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
65' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
65' Foul Arias fouled by Dele Alli (England)
65' Free Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
64' Yellow Card Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
64' Foul Stones fouled by Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
64' Free Kick Harry Maguire (England)
64' Foul Maguire fouled by Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
63' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
63' Yellow Card Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
63' Shot Dele Alli (England)
63' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Off Target
63' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Completed Pass
63' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
62' Foul Kane fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
62' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
62' Substitution Carlos Bacca (on). Lerma (off). (Colombia)
60' Free Kick Johan Mojica (Colombia)
60' Foul Cuadrado fouled by Kieran Trippier (England)
59' Shot Juan Quintero (Colombia)
59' Free Kick Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
59' Foul Falcao fouled by John Stones (England)
57' Penalty Goal Harry Kane (England)
57' Shot on Goal Harry Kane (England)
57' Free Kick Harry Kane (England)
56' Yellow Card Jordan Henderson (England)
54' Yellow Card Carlos Sánchez (Colombia)
54' Foul Kane fouled by Carlos Sánchez (Colombia)
54' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Foul
54' Corner Kick Kieran Trippier (England) - Foul
53' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Headed Out - Out of Play
53' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
52' Yellow Card Santiago Arias (Colombia)
52' Foul Kane fouled by Santiago Arias (Colombia)
52' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
49' Free Kick Kyle Walker (England)
49' Foul Walker fouled by Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
49' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
47' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
46' Free Kick Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
46' Foul Cuadrado fouled by Jordan Henderson (England)
46' Start Half
45+5' Half Over Colombia 0-0 England
45+5' Free Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
45+5' Offside Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
45+5' Cross Juan Cuadrado (Colombia) - Clearance In Play
45+4' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
45+2' Shot Jesse Lingard (England)
45+2' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
45+2' Shot on Goal Juan Quintero (Colombia)
45+2' Cross Radamel Falcao (Colombia) - Blocked
45+1' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
45+1' Injury Time (England)
45+1' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
45' Shot Harry Kane (England)
45' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
44' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
42' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
42' Shot Kieran Trippier (England)
42' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
41' Yellow Card Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
38' Foul Kane fouled by Jefferson Lerma (Colombia)
37' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
36' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Defended
33' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
33' Shot Juan Quintero (Colombia)
33' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
31' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
31' Shot Raheem Sterling (England)
30' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
30' Foul Falcao fouled by Kieran Trippier (England)
30' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
29' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
28' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
28' Corner Kick Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
27' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Headed Out - Out of Play
27' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
26' Foul Alli fouled by Carlos Sánchez (Colombia)
25' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
24' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
23' Goal Kick Jordan Pickford (England)
22' Shot Johan Mojica (Colombia)
22' Shot Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
21' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
20' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
19' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
19' Foul Walker fouled by Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
17' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
16' Shot Harry Kane (England)
16' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Off Target
16' Throw-In Ashley Young (England)
15' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
15' Throw-In Kyle Walker (England)
13' Shot Raheem Sterling (England)
13' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
12' Foul Sterling fouled by Yerry Mina (Colombia)
11' Throw-In Kieran Trippier (England)
11' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
10' Foul Lerma fouled by John Stones (England)
10' Cross Ashley Young (England) - Foul
10' Corner Kick Ashley Young (England) - Foul
9' Throw-In Dele Alli (England)
8' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
8' Corner Kick Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - In Play
8' Shot Raheem Sterling (England)
8' Free Kick Kieran Trippier (England)
7' Foul Kane fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
7' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
7' Cross Ashley Young (England)
7' Corner Kick Ashley Young (England)
6' Cross Kieran Trippier (England) - Headed Out - Out of Play
6' Shot on Goal Ashley Young (England)
6' Free Kick Ashley Young (England)
5' Foul Yerry Mina (Colombia)
4' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
3' Foul Sánchez fouled by Jesse Lingard (England)
3' Free Kick Harry Kane (England)
3' Foul Sterling fouled by Yerry Mina (Colombia)
3' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
1' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
1' Start Half
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