World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Russia v Spain
Sunday, July 1, 2018
 Full Time - Penalty KicksFOX/TELE
(3) 1
1 (4)
S. Ignashevich (og) 12' 1-0 
 1-1A. Dzyuba (p) 41'
Penalty Kicks:  Russia wins (4 - 3)
RUSS. Ignashevich (og) 12' 1-0
RUSA. Dzyuba (p) 41' 1-1
Penalty Kicks:  Russia wins (4 - 3)
HT: 1-1
Luzhniki Stadium (Attendance: 78,011)
Referee: Bjorn Kuipers
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Spain vs. Russia
Minute Commentary
120' Spain eliminated by Russia! Defiant result in Moscow
Spain had their chances and Russia stopped them in regulation and in the penalty shootout. Igor Akinfeev saved his best work for the end, stopping Koke and Iago Aspas. The fans roar their approval for the home side.
120' Spain penalty #5 - Aspas
Iago Aspas waits and hits a low drive. Goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev deflects the shot with his trailing left foot! Russia wins!
120' Russia penalty #4 - Cheryshev
Denis Cheryshev sends it into the empty center of the net. Russia lead 4-3.
120' Spain penalty #4 - Ramos
Sergio Ramos stutter steps and scores.
120' Russia penalty #3 - Golovin
Aleksandr Golovin slams it in past David De Gea. Russia lead 3-2.
120' Spain penalty #3 - Koke
Koke puts it low and goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev dives centrally to make the simple block!
120' Russia penalty #2 - Ignashevich
Sergey Ignashevich steps up slowly as David De Gea falls to the right. Tied 2-2.
120' Spain penalty #2 - Pique
Gerard Pique slots it home in the left corner with Igor Akinfeev diving the other way.
120' Russia penalty #1 - Smolov
Fedor Smolov scores with David De Gea diving the correct way. Tied 1-1.
120' Spain penalty #1 - Iniesta
Andres Iniesta scores as Igor Akinfeev dives the wrong way
120' Penalty shootout begins - Spain up first
Andres Iniesta will take the first kick for Spain.
120' Extra time over! Game goes to penalties
A tired but focused Russian defense stood strong in the extra time period and Spain appeared to tire as well. Substitutes Rodrigo and Iago Aspas were the most active getting forward but physical play to stop Isco and Andres Iniesta from creating chances kept Spain from finding the winner.
120' Aspas has a shot
Iago Aspas turns from the top of the box but his left-footed shot skids low and Igor Akinfeev makes a save on the ground.
120' One minute injury time
One minute injury time given
120' Spain try down the left
Russia defend another Spain run down the left as Jordi Alba cannot reach a ball before the byline.
116' Back and forth with five minutes remaining - Russia have a corner
After a throw is cleared for a corner, Aleksandr Golovin puts a corner through but it is headed clear. The ball heads the other way but Rodrigo cannot reach it and turn to goal.
116' Pouring rain
Fans cover up as the rain pours down in Moscow.
115' Video review does not change the call
No penalty is given after a brief delay.
114' Another free kick for Spain
Isco is knocked down again on the left, this time by Sergey Ignashevich. Koke curls in the free kick but no one a shot off. Immediately, Spain players led by Sergio Ramos appeal to referee Bjorn Kuipers for a penalty.
112' Chance for Spain after a foul
Alexander Erokhin knocks Isco down and Spain have a free kick from the left side. They play it quick and short. The ball crosses to Gerard Pique on the far side but his shot is blocked.
110' Russia waste a long free kick
From just past midfield a free kick sails directly out over the Russian attack. After the excitement of Rodrigo's run to the byline, Russia would have been happy for a breather.
109' Best chance for Spain in a long time
Rodrigo makes a run down the right and out-dribbles the defender to cut onto his right foot. Igor Akinfeev deflects his shot and Dani Carvajal slides into the rebound but his effort is blocked.
108' Spain cross too high
Dani Carvajal tries to find Iago Aspas making a run in but his long cross goes directly to the gloves of Igor Akinfeev.
106' Spain work it up from the back
After Russia lose the ball on the right side, Spain patiently work it through the midfield. Switching to the left, Andres Iniesta has a shot blocked and Russia clear it deep.
105' Russia defended well but Spain look closer to scoring
Few if any real threats from Russia on the counter came in the first period of extra time. Spain had better chances from closer distance.
105' Free kick for Spain
After Isco is tripped up, Koke puts a free kick into the box but Gerard Pique cannot direct a header past Igor Akinfeev.
105' Ball barely leaving the Russian half
The fans in Moscow cheer every clearance and defended ball as Russia continue to sit deep, allowing Spain all the time they want beyond 30 meters from the goal.
104' Fourth substitution - Spain - Rodrigo for Asensio
Rodrigo enters for Marco Asensio as Spain chase a winner.
100' Shot attempt from Asensio
Marco Asensio receives a short pass from Iago Aspas outside the box but his shot is right at Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. Spain has put more pressure on the goalkeeper in the first period of extra time than the entire second half.
97' Fourth Substitution - Russia - Erokhin for Kuziaev
Alexander Erokhin enters for Daler Kuziaev. Russian manager Stanislav Cherchesov wastes no time putting on fresh legs in midfield.
97' Koke with a long shot
Koke sends a shot from deep over the bar after Spain works it around on the left.
95' Aspas and Isco quick chances on the left
Rescuing balls in the corner on consecutive spells of possession, Isco and Iago Aspas both work it in but cannot get a shot or cross through the middle.
93' Space on the left for Alba
Jordi Alba has a shot blocked outside the box.
92' Quick chance for Spain
Short passes combine on the left and Dani Carvajal fins enough space to slide into a shot inside the box. Bright start for Spain.
91' Spain need better chances if they hope to score
Counter-attacks generally look more threatening than passing and possession and thus Russia seemed the more fit and fierce team in the second half.
90' End of the second half
Referee Bjorn Kuipers blows the whistle to end the second half. Each team will be allowed one additional substitution in the extra time period.
90' Not much energy in injury time from Spain
Russia have made the better forays forward with time winding down. Denis Cheryshev has a pass from the byline cut off by Koke. Down the left side Fedor Smolov takes a shot from the left corner of the box but his right-footed effort stays wide of the goal.
90' Four minutes injury time
After a few stoppages in play in the half there will be at least four more minutes in regulation.
89' Spain with a corner then another then another
Koke sends in a corner from the right but Russia clears. Same thing from the left side as Isco has his crossing ball blocked out. The third corner from Isco reaches Sergio Ramos but his header is high and out.
88' Free kick for Spain from the right side
Denis Cheryshev commits a foul and Spain set up 30 yards from goal on the right side. Isco and Marco Asensio stand over the ball. Spain plays it short and Isco has his cross blocked for a corner kick.
87' Russia counter interrupted
Imprecise passing in the middle of the field almost frees up a Russia counter but nothing comes of it.
83' Iniesta and Aspas have shots on goal
Andres Iniesta shoots from just outside the box and Iago Aspas has a go on the rebound but Igor Akinfeev stops both. Since entering Iniesta and Aspas have been active and energetic looking for openings in the left channel.
82' Possible handball in the box - quick video check
Marco Asensio sends in the corner. The ball bounces in the center of the box and Spain appeal for a handball after Sergio Busquets tries to get his foot on a volley. No penalty given.
81' Spain earns a corner
Isco side-foots a pass in the direction of Iago Aspas but the ball is cleared for a left-side corner.
77' Russia mess up a counter
Another counter for the Russian team lights up the crowd but a pass to the wing slides out.
75' Iniesta and Costa make a little something
Andres Iniesta combines with Diego Costa on the left side of the box but Costa cannot return the short pass to the cutting Iniesta.
73' Spain earn a corner
After a simple clearance from Sergey Ignashevich, Marco Asensio curls a cross over everyone and Russia clears.
71' Yellow card - Russia - Zobnin
Roman Zobnin receives a yellow card for a foul on Jordi Alba in midfield.
70' Substitution - Spain - Carvajal for Nacho
Fernando Hierro swaps right-backs with Dani Carvajal entering for Nacho.
67' Russia work it up the field
Fedor Smolov beats Gerard Pique to a header at midfield. After the ball works to the other side Aleksandr Golovin tries to cut between Jordi Alba and Sergio Ramos on the right but cannot keep the ball under control.
65' Substitution - Russia - Smolov for Dzyuba
Russia swaps strikers: Fedor Smolov enters for goal-scorer Artem Dzyuba.
63' Ramos fouls Fernandes
Sergio Ramos fouls Mario Fernandes on the right side to stop a Russia counter. The ensuing free kick goes into the box where Artem Dzyuba heads it on but Fedor Kudriashov cannot reach the second ball.
60' Nacho with another cross
Nacho sends in another cross from the right side and David Silva tries to flick it back to the back post but Diego Costa is not there to receive.
60' Substitution - Russia - Cheryshev for Samedov
Alexander Samedov exits for successful Russian attacker Denis Cheryshev as the hosts look for a goal with half and hour left in regulation.
59' Spain a corner the other way
Isco has his effort blocked, earning a corner. Isco then right-foots it in from the left corner but Artem Dzyuba rises to head it away at the near post before it can reach a Spain player.
58' Russia have a corner but no chance
Alexander Samedov and Mario Fernandes try to find a chance from the right corner but Aleksandr Golovin commits a foul.
56' Asensio back on the right
Spain remain committed to keeping attackers forward, defending in the same 4-2-3-1 that started the game, Asensio now on the right, Silva central, Isco left, behind Diego Costa pressing above.
54' Nothing from the Spain free kick
Spain do not make anything of the opportunity and Russia clear upfield. Jordi Alba steps in to stop any counter in the Spain half.
54' Yellow card - Russia - Ilya Kutepov
Ilya Kutepov fouls Isco on the left side to stop a string of Spain passes.
52' Nacho looking for the cross
For the second time in the half Nacho has space to cross at the right corner of the 18-yard box. He tries to find Diego Costa in the center but the defense clears the low ball.
51' Koke takes the free kick
Koke clears in the free kick from the right side but the header is over and out.
50' Free kick for Spain
Nacho is tackled by Aleksandr Golovin on the right side setting up a free kick.
47' Spain gets some action in the box
Jordi Alba gets the top of his thigh to a ball in the center of the box and Igor Akinfeev dives to catch it without too much trouble. Marco Asensio found some space on the right to send in a chipped cross.
46' Substitution - Russia - Granat for Zhirkov
Vladimir Granat enters for Yury Zhirkov at the start of the second half.
45' End of the first half
All square after 47 minutes in Moscow as the teams return to the locker room. Both goals came on accidental defensive errors. Russia look comfortable sitting back and rushing out on the break while Spain have has most of the possession but in areas that have led to few clear chances.
45' Costa with late chances
Diego Costa has two chances in front of goal, sliding in but not getting anything on the ball and then a header that Igor Akinfeev catches to set up a Russian counter down the left.
45' Two minutes injury time
Two minutes injury time given
45' Isco has a shot blocked
Diego Costa pivots a pass to Isco on the left side of the box. Isco tries to curl it in with his right foot but the shot is blocked in the box.
44' Spain return to quiet possession
Alexander Samedov fouls Jordi Alba on the left wing to disrupt another spell of Spanish possession.
41' Dzyuba converts the penalty! Russia even the score 1-1!
Artem Dzyuba slams home the penalty in the right corner with David De Gea diving the other way. Dzyuba had the header blocked for the penalty and makes good on the spot kick. Russia makes it 1-1!
40' Yellow card - Spain - Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique receives a yellow card for the aerial handball in the box setting up the penalty kick for Russia.
40' Handball! Dzyuba header hits Pique's arm!
Alexander Samedov curls in the corner and Artem Dzyuba gets a head on it, directly onto the arm of Gerard Pique. Bjorn Kuipers signals for a penalty kick!
37' Spain concede a corner
Mario Fernandes cuts it back from the byline and Koke has to clear a cross out for a corner.
36' Golovin with the best Russian shot yet
Aleksandr Golovin tries to probe the Spain defense with Roman Zobnin. Not finding a central angle Golovin receives the ball back and has a shot that missed wide and low to the right past a diving David De Gea.
34' David Silva not finding much space today
Spain has no trouble passing around the back lines right now but trying to find David Silva between the lines beyond the midfield has proven difficult with Russia closing down those spaces immediately.
30' Spain race back to defend a slow counter
Russia gets numbers forward again along the right but Isco slides to block a cross. The following throw-in also leads to a blocked cross and Spain pushes slowly back up the field.
27' Russia corner kick played backwards
Russia have a corner but they play it upfield and Spain clears.
26' Diego Costa active on defense
Spain striker Costa has energy early, coming back to defend along the wing and pressing Russian defenders trying to play it out.
24' Isco and Alba combine
Jordi Alba call for the switch and the ball eventually comes across to the left. He exchanges passes with Isco but the Barcelona full-back cannot pull a pass from Isco back from the byline. Out for a goal kick.
23' Russia free kick
After a Sergio Ramos foul outside the box, Alexander Samedov tries to find Artem Dzyuba in the air but Russia cannot win the second ball. Another cross comes in to Dzyuba at the back post but again Russia lack the support in the box to pounce on the deflected ball.
22' Spain dominating possession
Always content to pass around the back - especially with Russia not pressing the issue - Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique seems to be setting the rhythm for Spain.
18' Asensio roaming free
After starting on the right, Marco Asensio has started setting up in the inside left looking to combine with Isco who continues to drop deep to receive the ball from holding pair Sergio Busquets and Koke.
15' Russia tries to counter
Sergio Ramos has his pass blocked and Russia work it down the left side but a pass sails long for a goal kick.
14' Russia take a shot from deep
Russia will need at least a goal in this game and they immediately get forward after the costly Sergey Ignashevich error. Roman Zobnin hits a right-footed shot from the top of the box but it goes over the goal.
11' Spain score! Own goal by Sergey Ignashevich! 1-0!
Sergio Ramos is tackled by Sergey Ignashevich at the back post and the Marco Asensio free kick bounces off the defender's leg and into the Russian net! Spain take the lead!
10' Foul on the right sets up free kick for Spain
Yury Zhirkov puts a high boot into Nacho as the Spain right-back runs onto a long pass from Isco. Nacho receives a moment of medical attention.
6' Russia sitting deep in a 5-3-2
Big striker Artem Dzyuba has the pressing duties up top while the rest of the Russian defense leans back towards goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. Spain faces the same predicament as against Iran and Morocco: breaking through an organized, energetic block that is content to defend and run out on the break if there is a mistake.
5' Russia take a corner
From the right corner the ball floats high over the top and Jordi Alba clears.
4' Choppy play so far
Russia content to break up Spanish play in the own half but a long run down the right sets up the first Russian corner kick.
1' The match begins!
Spain in red shirts, blue shorts, black socks. Russia in all white.
0' Russia lineup
Russia (5-3-2) will sit deeper and will be without right-back Igor Smolnikov who earned two yellow cards in the first half against Uruguay and is suspended for this match: Akinfeev – Fernandes, Kutepov, Ignashevich, Kudriashov, Zhirkov – Samedov, Zobnin, Kuziaev – Dzyuba, Golovin<br> Bench: Gabulov, Lunev, Granat, Semenov, Anton Miranchuk, Alexey Miranchuk, Cheryshev, Erokhin, Dzagoev, Gazinsky, Smolov
0' Spain lineup
Spain (4-2-3-1) make three substantial changes from the starting lineup used in the last group game. Scorer of one of the best goals of the tournament Nacho returns in place of Dani Carvajal at right-back. Andres Iniesta and Thiago Alcantara have moved to the bench with the more physical Koke and young dynamic playmaker Marco Asensio replacing them in midfield: De Gea – Nacho, Pique, Ramos, Alba – Busquets, Koke – Silva, Isco, Asensio – Costa<br> Bench: Reina, Arrizabalaga, Carvajal, Odriozola, Monreal, Azpilicueta, Saul, Vazquez, Aspas, Rodrigo, Iniesta, Alcantara
0' Group B winner vs. Group A runner-up
Day two of the knockout phase of the 2018 World Cup begins in Moscow as Group B winner Spain takes on hosts Russia, who place second in Group A behind Uruguay. Spain topped Group B in dramatic fashion with a video-reviewed goal from Iago Aspas in injury time providing the necessary draw to keep the 2010 World Cup champions above Portugal.<br> Nothing has been easy about the progress of Spain in this tournament and some of the problems in on-field organization could be the understandable result of the off-field surprise switch in manager that occurred on the eve of the tournament. With only five points from a group stage that included a 1-0 over Iran and two hard-fought draws against Portugal and Morocco, manager Fernando Hierro will hope his side has found a semblance of form despite the turmoil.<br> Russia started their own tournament with a resounding bang, defeating Saudi Arabia 5-0 and Egypt 3-1 behind tireless running and confident finishing from Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dzyuba. But they enter the knockout rounds with less momentum after a 3-0 loss to Uruguay. The home underdog looked the more impressive side in group play and with the passionate Luzhniki Stadium crowd behind them the Russian team will hope to score first and have that support push them over the line.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
David De Gea1
70' Nacho4
40' 120+2' Gerard Piqué3
120+2' Sergio Ramos15
Jordi Alba18
Sergio Busquets5
67' David Silva21
104' Marco Asensio20
80' Diego Costa19
Pepe Reina23
Kepa Arrizabalaga13
70' Dani Carvajal2
Nacho Monreal16
César Azpilicueta14
Alvaro Odriozola12
67' 120+2' Andrés Iniesta6
Thiago Thiago Alcántara10
104' Rodrigo9
80' Iago Aspas17
Lucas Vazquez11
1Igor Akinfeev
2Mario Fernandes
3Ilya Kutepov 54'
4Sergey Ignashevich 12'  120+2' 
13Fedor Kudriashov
18Yury Zhirkov 46'
19Alexander Samedov 61'
11Roman Zobnin 71'
7Daler Kuziaev 97'
22Artem Dzyuba 65' 41' 
17Aleksandr Golovin 120+2' 
20Vladimir Gabulov
12Andrei Lunev
14Vladimir Granat 46'
5Andrey Semenov
6Denis Cheryshev 61' 120+2' 
21Alexander Erokhin 97'
9Alan Dzagoev
15Alexey Miranchuk
16Anton Miranchuk
8Iury Gazinsky
10Fedor Smolov 65' 120+2' 
Fernando Hierro 
Stanislav Cherchesov 
1David De Gea
4 Nacho
Substitution Dani Carvajal (on) 70'
3Gerard Piqué
Yellow Card 40'
Goal 120+2'
15Sergio Ramos
Goal 120+2'
18Jordi Alba
8 Koke
5Sergio Busquets
21David Silva
Substitution Andrés Iniesta (on) 67'
22 Isco
20Marco Asensio
Substitution Rodrigo (on) 104'
19Diego Costa
Substitution Iago Aspas (on) 80'
23Pepe Reina
13Kepa Arrizabalaga
2Dani Carvajal
Substitution Dani Carvajal (on) 70'
16Nacho Monreal
14César Azpilicueta
12Álvaro Odriozola
6Andrés Iniesta
Substitution Andrés Iniesta (on) 67'
Goal 120+2'
10Thiago Alcántara
7 Saúl
9 Rodrigo
Substitution Rodrigo (on) 104'
17Iago Aspas
Substitution Iago Aspas (on) 80'
11Lucas Vázquez
Fernando Hierro 
1Igor Akinfeev
2Mário Fernandes
3Ilya Kutepov
Yellow Card 54'
4Sergey Ignashevich
Goal 12' Own Goal
Goal 120+2'
13Fedor Kudriashov
18Yury Zhirkov
Substitution Vladimir Granat (on) 46'
19Alexander Samedov
Substitution Denis Cheryshev (on) 61'
11Roman Zobnin
Yellow Card 71'
7Daler Kuziaev
Substitution Alexander Erokhin (on) 97'
22Artem Dzyuba
Substitution Fedor Smolov (on) 65'
Goal 41'
17Aleksandr Golovin
Goal 120+2'
20Vladimir Gabulov
12Andrei Lunev
14Vladimir Granat
Substitution Yury Zhirkov (off) 46'
5Andrey Semenov
6Denis Cheryshev
Substitution Alexander Samedov (off) 61'
Goal 120+2'
21Alexander Erokhin
Substitution Daler Kuziaev (off) 97'
9Alan Dzagoev
15Alexey Miranchuk
16Anton Miranchuk
8Iury Gazinsky
10Fedor Smolov
Substitution Artem Dzyuba (off) 65'
Goal 120+2'
Stanislav Cherchesov 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
SpainESP RussiaRUS
1 Goals 1
0 Assists 0
25 Shots 6
9 Shots on Goal 1
0 Saves 9
0 Penalties Scored 1
0 Penalty Kicks 1
33 Crosses 18
6 Corner Kicks 5
1 Offside 1
5 Fouls Committed 19
1 Cautions/Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
75% Ball Possession 25%
3 Shootout Results 4
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1David De Gea 120 - 0 0 1 0
3Gerard Piqué 120 0 1 0 - -
4Nacho 70 0 0 0 - -
5Sergio Busquets 120 0 0 0 - -
8Koke 120 0 0 0 - -
15Sergio Ramos 120 0 0 0 - -
18Jordi Alba 120 0 0 0 - -
19Diego Costa 80 0 0 0 - -
20Marco Asensio 104 0 0 0 - -
21David Silva 67 0 0 0 - -
22Isco 120 0 0 0 - -
2Dani Carvajal 50 0 0 0 - -
6Andrés Iniesta 53 0 0 0 - -
9Rodrigo 16 0 0 0 - -
17Iago Aspas 40 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Igor Akinfeev 120 - 0 0 1 9
2Mario Fernandes 120 0 0 0 - -
3Ilya Kutepov 120 0 1 0 - -
4Sergey Ignashevich 120 0 0 0 - -
7Daler Kuziaev 97 0 0 0 - -
11Roman Zobnin 120 0 1 0 - -
13Fedor Kudriashov 120 0 0 0 - -
17Aleksandr Golovin 120 0 0 0 - -
18Yury Zhirkov 45 0 0 0 - -
19Alexander Samedov 61 0 0 0 - -
22Artem Dzyuba 65 1 0 0 - -
6Denis Cheryshev 59 0 0 0 - -
10Fedor Smolov 55 0 0 0 - -
14Vladimir Granat 75 0 0 0 - -
21Alexander Erokhin 23 0 0 0 - -
SpainESP vs. RussiaRUS
Minute Event
120+7' Game Over Spain 1-1 Russia
120+7' Shootout Save Iago Aspas (Spain)
120+6' Shootout Goal Denis Cheryshev (Russia)
120+5' Shootout Goal Sergio Ramos (Spain)
120+5' Shootout Goal Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
120+4' Shootout Save Koke (Spain)
120+4' Shootout Goal Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
120+3' Shootout Goal Gerard Piqué (Spain)
120+2' Shootout Goal Fedor Smolov (Russia)
120+2' Shootout Goal Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
120+2' Half Over Spain 1-1 Russia
120+1' Cross Fedor Smolov (Russia)
120+1' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
120+1' Shot on Goal Rodrigo (Spain)
120' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
119' Cross Isco (Spain) - Blocked
118' Throw-In Iago Aspas (Spain)
117' Cross Fedor Smolov (Russia) - Defended
117' Cross Aleksandr Golovin (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
117' Corner Kick Aleksandr Golovin (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
117' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
116' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
116' Cross Fedor Kudriashov (Russia) - Blocked
116' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
115' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
114' Cross Koke (Spain) - Directly Out
114' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
113' Foul Isco fouled by Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
113' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
112' Throw-In Gerard Piqué (Spain)
112' Shot Gerard Piqué (Spain)
112' Cross Isco (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
112' Free Kick Jordi Alba (Spain)
112' Foul Isco fouled by Alexander Erokhin (Russia)
112' Throw-In Gerard Piqué (Spain)
111' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
111' Free Kick Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
110' Foul Granat fouled by Iago Aspas (Spain)
110' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
109' Shot Rodrigo (Spain)
109' Shot Dani Carvajal (Spain)
109' Shot on Goal Rodrigo (Spain)
108' Cross Dani Carvajal (Spain)
107' Shot Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
106' Start Half
105+2' Half Over Spain 1-1 Russia
105+1' Shot on Goal Gerard Piqué (Spain)
105+1' Cross Koke (Spain) - On Target
105+1' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
105' Foul Isco fouled by Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
105' Free Kick Gerard Piqué (Spain)
105' Foul Piqué fouled by Fedor Smolov (Russia)
104' Throw-In Dani Carvajal (Spain)
104' Substitution Rodrigo (on). Asensio (off). (Spain)
102' Throw-In Iago Aspas (Spain)
102' Shot Iago Aspas (Spain)
102' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
101' Cross Sergio Ramos (Spain) - Directly Out
101' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
100' Shot on Goal Marco Asensio (Spain)
100' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
99' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
98' Throw-In Dani Carvajal (Spain)
97' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
97' Substitution Alexander Erokhin (on). Kuziaev (off). (Russia)
97' Shot Koke (Spain)
96' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain) - Clearance In Play
95' Cross Iago Aspas (Spain) - Defended
95' Cross Isco (Spain) - Clearance In Play
94' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
93' Shot Jordi Alba (Spain)
92' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
92' Shot Dani Carvajal (Spain)
92' Cross Iago Aspas (Spain) - Off Target
91' Start Half
90+5' Half Over Spain 1-1 Russia
90+4' Cross Koke (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
90+3' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
90+3' Shot Denis Cheryshev (Russia)
90+3' Shot Fedor Smolov (Russia)
90+2' Cross Denis Cheryshev (Russia) - Defended
90+2' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
90+2' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
90+1' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
90' Shot Sergio Ramos (Spain)
90' Cross Isco (Spain) - Off Target
90' Corner Kick Isco (Spain) - Off Target
90' Cross Isco (Spain) - Completed Pass
90' Corner Kick Isco (Spain) - Completed Pass
89' Shot Gerard Piqué (Spain)
89' Cross Koke (Spain) - Off Target
89' Corner Kick Koke (Spain) - Off Target
89' Cross Isco (Spain) - Blocked
89' Free Kick Marco Asensio (Spain)
88' Foul Isco fouled by Denis Cheryshev (Russia)
87' Free Kick Jordi Alba (Spain)
87' Foul Alba fouled by Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
86' Throw-In Dani Carvajal (Spain)
85' Shot on Goal Iago Aspas (Spain)
85' Shot on Goal Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
85' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain) - Completed Pass
84' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
84' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
83' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
83' Cross Koke (Spain) - Headed Out - Out of Play
83' Throw-In Dani Carvajal (Spain)
82' Shot Sergio Busquets (Spain)
82' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
82' Corner Kick Marco Asensio (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
81' Cross Dani Carvajal (Spain)
80' Free Kick Isco (Spain)
80' Foul Isco fouled by Mario Fernandes (Russia)
80' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
80' Substitution Iago Aspas (on). Costa (off). (Spain)
78' Cross Sergio Busquets (Spain) - Clearance In Play
78' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
77' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
76' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
74' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
74' Corner Kick Marco Asensio (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
73' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
72' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
71' Free Kick Sergio Ramos (Spain)
71' Yellow Card Roman Zobnin (Russia)
71' Foul Alba fouled by Roman Zobnin (Russia)
70' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
70' Substitution Dani Carvajal (on). Nacho (off). (Spain)
70' Foul Isco fouled by Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
67' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
67' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
67' Substitution Andrés Iniesta (on). Silva (off). (Spain)
66' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
65' Free Kick Ilya Kutepov (Russia)
65' Substitution Fedor Smolov (on). Dzyuba (off). (Russia)
64' Offside Diego Costa (Spain)
64' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
63' Free Kick Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
63' Foul Fernandes fouled by Sergio Ramos (Spain)
62' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
61' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
61' Substitution Denis Cheryshev (on). Samedov (off). (Russia)
60' Shot David Silva (Spain)
60' Cross Nacho (Spain) - Off Target
59' Cross Isco (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
59' Corner Kick Isco (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
58' Shot Isco (Spain)
58' Free Kick David Silva (Spain)
58' Foul Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
58' Cross Mario Fernandes (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
58' Cross Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Clearance In Play
58' Corner Kick Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Clearance In Play
56' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
54' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - Clearance In Play
54' Free Kick Marco Asensio (Spain)
54' Yellow Card Ilya Kutepov (Russia)
54' Foul Isco fouled by Ilya Kutepov (Russia)
53' Shot Sergio Busquets (Spain)
53' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - Completed Pass
53' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
52' Cross Nacho (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
51' Shot Diego Costa (Spain)
51' Cross Koke (Spain) - Off Target
51' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
50' Foul Nacho fouled by Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
50' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
49' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
49' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
48' Cross Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
48' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
47' Shot on Goal Jordi Alba (Spain)
47' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - On Target
47' Cross Nacho (Spain) - Completed Pass
46' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
46' Substitution Vladimir Granat (on). Zhirkov (off). (Russia)
46' Start Half
45+3' Half Over Spain 1-1 Russia
45+2' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
45+1' Cross Aleksandr Golovin (Russia) - Defended
45+1' Shot on Goal Diego Costa (Spain)
45+1' Cross Isco (Spain) - On Target
45+1' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
45+1' Shot on Goal Diego Costa (Spain)
45' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
45' Shot Isco (Spain)
45' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
44' Free Kick Isco (Spain)
44' Foul Alba fouled by Alexander Samedov (Russia)
44' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
43' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
43' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
41' Penalty Goal Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
41' Shot on Goal Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
41' Free Kick Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
40' Yellow Card Gerard Piqué (Spain)
40' Foul Gerard Piqué (Spain)
40' Shot Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
40' Cross Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Off Target
40' Corner Kick Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Off Target
39' Cross Roman Zobnin (Russia) - Clearance Out of Play
38' Throw-In Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
38' Free Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
37' Foul Fernandes fouled by Diego Costa (Spain)
37' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
36' Shot Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
33' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
33' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
31' Cross Ilya Kutepov (Russia) - Blocked
30' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
30' Cross Roman Zobnin (Russia) - Blocked
30' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
28' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
27' Corner Kick Yury Zhirkov (Russia) - Completed Pass
27' Cross Roman Zobnin (Russia) - Deflected - Out of Play
27' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
26' Throw-In Fedor Kudriashov (Russia)
25' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
24' Free Kick Sergio Ramos (Spain)
24' Foul Isco fouled by Roman Zobnin (Russia)
23' Cross Ilya Kutepov (Russia) - Completed Pass
23' Cross Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Completed Pass
23' Free Kick Alexander Samedov (Russia)
22' Foul Dzyuba fouled by Sergio Ramos (Spain)
21' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
20' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
19' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
18' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
16' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
14' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
14' Shot Roman Zobnin (Russia)
14' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
13' Free Kick Sergio Busquets (Spain)
13' Offside Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
11' Own Goal Sergey Ignashevich (Spain)
11' Cross Marco Asensio (Spain) - Clearance In Play
11' Free Kick Marco Asensio (Spain)
10' Foul Nacho fouled by Yury Zhirkov (Russia)
10' Free Kick Sergio Ramos (Spain)
10' Foul Busquets fouled by Alexander Samedov (Russia)
10' Cross Diego Costa (Spain) - Blocked
9' Free Kick Nacho (Spain)
9' Foul Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
9' Goal Kick Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
7' Cross Isco (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
6' Free Kick Jordi Alba (Spain)
5' Foul Isco fouled by Mario Fernandes (Russia)
5' Throw-In Yury Zhirkov (Russia)
5' Shot Yury Zhirkov (Russia)
5' Cross Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Clearance In Play
5' Corner Kick Alexander Samedov (Russia) - Clearance In Play
4' Cross Aleksandr Golovin (Russia) - Blocked
4' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
4' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
3' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
2' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
1' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
1' Free Kick Sergio Ramos (Spain)
1' Foul Busquets fouled by Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
1' Throw-In Mario Fernandes (Russia)
1' Start Half
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