World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Denmark v Croatia
Sunday, July 1, 2018
 Full Time - Penalty KicksFOX/TELE
(3) 1
1 (2)
 0-1M. Jorgensen  1'
M. Mandzukic  4' 1-1 
Penalty Kicks:  Croatia wins (3 - 2)
DENM. Jorgensen  1' 0-1
CROM. Mandzukic  4' 1-1
Penalty Kicks:  Croatia wins (3 - 2)
HT: 1-1
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium (Attendance: 40,851)
Referee: Nestor Pitana
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Croatia vs. Denmark
Minute Commentary
120' Incredible games today! Thank you!
Thank you for joining us in this roller coaster of World Cup Round of 16 action! Today’s results saw both Russia and Croatia win their games in dramatic fashion, leaving it until the last possible moment to snatch wins. Both Spain and Denmark will be absolutely heartbroken in the manner of their defeat, but sometimes football is cruel game.
120' Keepers making the difference in the shootout
In the shootout it was the keepers who really shined, as both Subasic and Schmeichel made gargantuan efforts to keep their teams in the tie. At the end of the day however, it was Subasic’s team who were able to procure a spot in the next round.
120' What a finish to this match!
What a match this has been, and what an incredible day of football we’ve all been witness to today! Two goals at the beginning of the first half, and this game needed penalties to separate the teams! A massive effort from both sides and it’s the Barcelona man Ivan Rakitic who makes the decisive shot to take Croatia over the finish line.
Rakitic now with what could be the decisive penalty...HE PUTS IT AWAY!!! CROATIA ARE THROUGH!!!
Jorgensen now for Denmark AND SUBASIC MAKES ANOTHER SAVE!!!!!
Pivaric HAS HIS KICK SAVED!!! 2-2!!!!
Lass Schone steps up now and IT'S SAVED!
120' Modric makes up for his earlier mistake!!! 2-2!!!
Modric now, surely thinking about his missed penalty in extra time...gets it!!
120' 2-1 to Denmark!
Krohn-Dehli's penalty is put away! Bottom corner!
120' Goal for Croatia, 1-1!
Kramaric for Denmark puts it right past Schmeichel
120' Goal for Kjaer and Denmark!
Danish captain Kjaer now...smashes it! 1-0!
Badelj now steps up and its saved!!!!
120' Subasic save!!!
Eriksen steps up to take the penalty and its saved!!! Subasic!!!
The 120 minutes are over and we’re off to penalties in this one!
120' One minute of added time
One more minute in this one.
119' Shot from Modric
Modric takes another shot from the top of the box but it’s saved by Schmeichel.
118' Jorgensen yellow
For the challenge on Rebic that led to the penalty, Jorgensen was shown a yellow card.
117' Not good enough from Modric
Modric’s penalty is not nearly good enough, and Schmeichel is able to save the shot without even giving up a rebound!!!
114' Clear penalty, great pass from Modric
A turnover in the middle of the pitch and Modric is able to find Rebic in on the Danish defense. Rebic does extremely well to beat the Danish keeper but Jorgensen brings him down from behind. The referee awards a penalty straight away.
113' Danish attack again
Another long throw causes danger as the ball is flicked on and finds Jorgensen, but the forward is unable to direct his volley towards the goal.
112' Impacts off the bench
The substitutes for both sides have made an excellent impact, most notably Pivaric and Kovacic for Croatia and Sisto and Schone for Denmark.
108' Croatia change
Mandzukic comes off for Badelj
108' Good shot from Sisto
Sisto with a good shot! The substitute has made an instant impact and takes a shot with his right foot that drifts just wide of the far post.
106' Second half of extra time!
Second half underway!
105' Danish Change
Sisto will enter the pitch for Braithwaite for Denmark
105' Teams switch sides
Short break for the teams as they switch sides in preparation for the second half of extra time.
105' Half over!
First half of extra time is over! 1-1.
105' One more minute
One minute added time
105' Croatia doing better now
Croatia finally finding their feet now in the late stages of the first half of extra time.
104' Croatia chance
Good ball behind from Modric finds Pivaric, whose shot is deflected and touched over the bar from Schmeichel.
103' Good link up play from Croatia
Croatia look to be more confident now, as the substitutes Kovacic and Pivaric are doing well to link up on the left side of the pitch.
100' Schone shot wide
Lass Schone this time takes a shot after making a nice move to beat his defender, but again it’s just wide.
97' Change for Denmark
Change for Denmark, as Krohn-Dehli comes on for Delaney.
97' Croatian change
Substitution for Croatia, as Kramaric come son for Perisic
96' Knudsen growing into the match
Knudsen could have gone down in the box under the challenge from the Croatian defender, but instead chooses to stay on his feet and put in the cross, but it’s blocked behind for a corner.
95' Danish attack after attack
Denmark seem to still be in control as the first half of extra time is underway, forcing the Croatians to defend.
92' Good start for Denmark
Denmark starts the half positively as the ball finds Knudsen on the left side – his left footed cross isn’t good enough though and is unable to find a Danish forward.
91' Underway!
The first half of extra time is here! Denmark start with the ball.
90' Conservative second half
The second half of this match was not nearly as enthralling as the first half, as both teams played more conservatively. The chances were shared quite evenly, but Denmark will probably be the happier of the two sides as they were able to stop Croatia from creating any sort of serious danger and allowed Eriksen and Poulsen to have larger attacking roles than they did in the first half.
90' Extra time on the way!
Extra time! Regulation ends 1-1 and it’ll take at least 30 more minutes to separate these two teams.
90' Last chance for Denmark
The corner is swung in by Eriksen and Subasic comes out to punch, but he doesn’t do so effectively and Braithwaite is at the top of the box to hit the volley – his effort is off target.
90' Shot from Rakitic
Rakitic with a shot from long, but his effort sails just wide of the near post.
90' 3 more minutes
Three minutes added to the end of this match.
87' Danish responding
Denmark now attacking, Eriksen receives the ball on the right side and plays it to Poulsen, who hits the cross one time. The cross is block but it falls to Schone, whose attempt is just wide.
87' More pressure from Croatia now
Croatia playing with increased urgency, and the attacks are coming strong and fast. Rebic does extremely well to beat his defender twice on the right side and eventually puts in a cross to Perisic. The Inter man misses the ball but the follow-up shot is deflected behind for a corner.
86' Sime crosses again
Sime again receives the ball, this time on the right side, and puts in a ball again to Perisic – this time, the Danish defenders get there first and are able to clear for a throw.
85' Better from Croatia
Short free kick sees the ball fall to Sime, whose cross is good and finds Perisic, but his backwards header is just over the top of the goal.
83' Kovacic down, foul by Poulsen
Foul in the middle of the pitch sees Poulsen take down Kovacic, who goes down grasping his shoulder.
80' Croatian change
Strinic comes off for Pivaric
78' Shot from Rebic
Croatia doing more on the attacking side now, and Rebic is able to cut to the middle and strike the ball towards goal – it’s caught by Schmeichel however.
77' Stalemate
Despite all of Denmark’s possession in this half, Subasic has only had one save to make in this second half – it’s been a stalemate
75' Danish counter
A counter-attack from Denmark sees Delaney and Poulsen leading the charge – the ball eventually falls to Eriksen but his shot isn’t on target.
73' Good chance for the substitute Jorgensen
Shot from Jorgensen! Poulsen does well again on the right side and crosses the ball into the Jorgensen, who takes a touch before letting loose a shot – it’s too weak and too central however, and fails to threaten Subasic.
66' Halfway through the half
Half way through the second half and the pace of this game has slowed significantly in this second half. Both teams seem to be a bit more deliberate in their approach, wanting to take fewer risks.
66' Second Danish change
Corneilus will come off for Jorgensen for Denmark.
65' Denmark eventually able to clear
Croatia keep the pressure on and a deflected shot is met with a strong fist from Schmeichel.
65' Better from Perisic
Perisic again receives the ball on the left side and this time does choose to take on his defender. The Inter man finds space and is unable to take a shot, but it’s blocked and the attack eventually leads to a corner.
63' Another Danish attack
Delaney makes another bursting run up the left side, tries to put in a cross but it’s blocked, and Braithwaite is unable to take a good touch and the ball rolls behind for a goal kick.
60' No impetus from Croatia
Another failed attack by Croatia, as Perisic receives the ball on the left side of the box but refuses to take on his defender, opting instead for a cross that goes past everyone and straight out of bounds for a goal kick.
57' Croatian frustration
The Croatians seem to be frustrated now with the lack of attacking chances they’ve had in this second half. A long ball from Sime goes straight to Schmeichel, and Croatia seem to be running out of ideas.
56' Good chance for Denmark
Poulsen makes a good run up the right side and is able to put a low cross into the box. It’s initially blocked by the Croatian defense but stays in the middle of the box and the follow-up shot is hit off-target by Braithwaite.
54' Danish possession
Denmark have enjoyed the majority of the possession in the first few minutes of this half, as Croatia have seemed to have trouble linking passes together in the same manner that they did in the first 45.
51' Mandzukic offside
Long ball played in to Mandzukic finds the Juventus mad offside – this second half has started in a much more controlled way than the first half.
46' Slight change in Danish tactics
Christensen is of course a center-back when he plays for Chelsea, and he definitely seemed a bit uncomfortable playing in the midfield role here for Denmark. Good tactical switch from Hareide.
46' First Danish Change
During the half-time, Christensen is taken off for Schone.
46' Second half!
The second half is underway!
45' Solid Defense from Denmark
On the other hand however, the Danes have been disciplined and defended well in the first 45 minutes, with some attacks of their own coming through Eriksen and Poulsen mostly – they’ll want to try to get those two men more opportunities if they want to truly threaten the Croats, however.
45' Modric the star man for Croatia
The Croatians will probably be disappointed that they weren’t able to grab another goal before the half ended, because they’ve definitely been the side with the more dangerous possession. Modric has showed why he’s considered perhaps the best central midfielder in the world today, as almost all of Croatia’s attacks have started with his incredible dribbling and passing.
45' Great start to the game!
What an explosive start to the half that was! Both goals coming within the first five minutes of the half and both from defensive errors! 1-1 seems to be a fair scoreline to this point.
45' Half Time!
The first half is over! 1-1 in this match!
45' Mandzukic down
Mandzukic goes down grabbing his ankle in the middle of the pitch, and the medical staff are being called on to help, as the first half winds down.
45' Rakitic shot saved
Rakitic’s shot from the left side is caught easily by Schmeichel. The ground cross finds the Barcelona man but his shot isn’t strong enough.
41' Eriksen effort close
Eriksen and Poulsen are able to link some passes together on the right side, before Eriksen’s shot goes just wide of the far post.
38' Good effort from Lovren
ALMOST! The free kick skims off of Lovren’s head, flying just wide of the far post.
37' Free Kick for Croatia
A series of fouls by the Danish sees Croatia win a free kick on the left wing, and Modric will look to swing this ball into the box.
34' Foul on Strinic
Strinic makes a bursting run into the box from defense but he’s eventually called for a foul for pulling the defender’s shirt.
33' Main man Modric
All of Croatia’s play has gone through Modric in this first half, The man is a magician on the ball and seems to easily be able to glide past one or two players before playing killer balls.
31' Corner for Denmark
A ball headed into the box by Poulsen is cleared well by Vida. Corner for Denmark.
28' Multiple chances for Croatia!
WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR CROATIA! Multiple chances for Croatia as the attack starts with a long shot from Rakitic which is parried away. After a bit of chaos in the box, the ball finds Perisic in the middle of the box but the Inter man is unable to put his first effort on goal. His second effort is far over the bar.
27' Chance for Denmark
Both teams attacking a bit more freely now, and Denmark especially passing with more confidence. Eriksen plays a through ball into Braithwaite, who is unable to put the ball past Subasic.
23' Corner for Denmark
Eriksen leads the Danish break and takes a shot that’s deflected behind without threatening the Croatian goal. Corner for Denmark, looking more positive.
22' Danish sitting deep
The Danish continue to defend and sit deep, and Croatia are doing their best to pull the Danish midfield and defense out in order to let their midfields make incisive passes.
20' Penalty appeals for Croatia
Mandzukic falls in the box when a cross comes in to him, and appeals for a penalty – the Argentine ref waves him away immediately.
17' No signs of Eriksen yet
The Danish, on the other hand, are having a hard time getting the ball to their star midfielder Eriksen. The Scandinavians definitely will not want to spend this entire match defending.
15' Danger coming from the right side
Most of Croatia’s attack in these first 15 minutes have come down the right side, with Modric moving well and linking up with Vrsaljko and Rebic.
13' Croatian Possession
Croatia are enjoying the majority of the ball now that the game has slowed down a bit, but the Danish are doing well to keep their shape and prevent the Croatian danger-men from putting together any truly threatening attacks.
12' Corner for Croatia
The resulting free kick is taken by Perisic and hits the wall before going over the top of the net for a corner.
10' Good position for the Croatians
A foul right on the edge of the penalty area will see Croatia have a free kick in a very dangerous area.
10' Foul by Delaney
Foul by Delaney at Modric to slow down a Croatian counter-attack
6' Game slowing a bit
The game has predictably slowed a bit since the second goal went in, as both teams are trying to keep this match in check and perhaps prevent this from becoming a tennis score!
4' Right place, right time from Mandzukic
A bad clearance on the attempted cross from Vrsaljko sees the Danish defender hit the ball off of his teammate’s face in the box. The ball then falls to Mandzukic right in front of the goal, and the experienced forward makes no mistake and puts the ball straight into the back of the net. What a start to a match this has been, and what a contrast from the last match!
3' What a start to the match!
This is the World Cup that keeps on giving! 1-0 to Denmark after just 1 minute!
2' Dream start for Denmark!
The long throw causes serious trouble for the Croatian defenders, and Jorgensen is there to redirect the ball on target. A Croatian defender is able to get a touch on the ball but is ultimately unable to stop the ball from going into the back of the net! What a start!
0' Almost ready!
The teams are on the pitch now as we listen to the national anthems!
0' Match Facts
This match will be played in Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, at a cool 25C (77F). Today's lead official will be the Argentinian Nestor Pitana, with assistants Hernan Maidana, Juan Pablo Belatti, and Enrique Caceres.
0' Lineups
Here how both teams will line up: Croatia (4-2-3-1): Subasic; Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic; Rakitic, Brozovic; Rebic, Modric, Perisic; Mandzukic. Denmark (4-3-3): Schmeichel; Knudsen, Kjaer, Jorgensen, Dalsgaard; Christensen, Delaney, Eriksen; Yurary, Corneilius, Braithwaite.
0' Expectations are high
After an incredible upset this morning with the host nation Russia defeating Spain in penalty kicks, both the Danish and the Croats will be licking their chops with the opportunity to take on the tournament’s lowest ranked side if they’re able to win the match at hand.
0' Welcome!
Hello and welcome to our coverage of the 2018 World Cup Round of 16! Today's match will see Croatia take on Denmark!
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Danijel Subašić23
Šime Vrsaljko2
Dejan Lovren6
Domagoj Vida21
81' Ivan Strinić3
120+2' Ivan Rakitić7
71' Marcelo Brozovic11
Ante Rebic18
120+2' Luka Modrić10
97' Ivan Perisic4
108' 4' Mario Mandzukic17
Lovre Kalinic12
Dominik Livakovic1
81' Josip Pivaric22
Vedran Corluka5
Tin Jedvaj13
Duje Caleta-Car15
71' Mateo Kovacic8
108' Milan Badelj19
Filip Bradaric14
97' 120+2' Andrej Kramarić9
Marko Pjaca20
1Kasper Schmeichel
14Henrik Dalsgaard
4Simon Kjaer 120+2' 
13Mathias Jorgensen 115' 1' 
5Jonas Knudsen
6Andreas Christensen 46'
8Thomas Delaney 98'
10Christian Eriksen
20Yussuf Poulsen
21Andreas Cornelius 66'
11Martin Braithwaite 106'
16Jonas Lossl
22Frederik Ronnow
3Jannik Vestergaard
17Jens Stryger Larsen
2Michael Krohn-Dehli 98' 120+2' 
19Lasse Schone 46'
7Williäm Kvist
18Lukas Lerager
9Nicolai Jorgensen 66'
23Pione Sisto 106'
15Viktor Fischer
12Kasper Dolberg
Zlatko Dalic 
Age Hareide 
23Danijel Subašić
2Sime Vrsaljko
6Dejan Lovren
21Domagoj Vida
3Ivan Strinic
Substitution Josip Pivaric (on) 81'
7Ivan Rakitic
Goal 120+2'
11Marcelo Brozovic
Substitution Mateo Kovacic (on) 71'
18Ante Rebic
10Luka Modric
Goal 120+2'
4Ivan Perisic
Substitution Andrej Kramaric (on) 97'
17Mario Mandzukic
Substitution Milan Badelj (on) 108'
Goal 4'
12Lovre Kalinic
1Dominik Livakovic
22Josip Pivaric
Substitution Josip Pivaric (on) 81'
5Vedran Corluka
13Tin Jedvaj
15Duje Caleta-Car
8Mateo Kovacic
Substitution Mateo Kovacic (on) 71'
19Milan Badelj
Substitution Milan Badelj (on) 108'
14Filip Bradaric
9Andrej Kramaric
Substitution Andrej Kramaric (on) 97'
Goal 120+2'
20Marko Pjaca
Zlatko Dalic 
1Kasper Schmeichel
14Henrik Dalsgaard
4Simon Kjaer
Goal 120+2'
13Mathias Zanka
Yellow Card 115'
Goal 1'
5Jonas Knudsen
6Andreas Christensen
Substitution Lasse Schone (on) 46'
8Thomas Delaney
Substitution Michael Krohn-Dehli (on) 98'
10Christian Eriksen
20Yussuf Poulsen
21Andreas Cornelius
Substitution Nicolai Jorgensen (on) 66'
11Martin Braithwaite
Substitution Pione Sisto (on) 106'
16Jonas Lossl
22Frederik Ronnow
3Jannik Vestergaard
17Jens Stryger Larsen
2Michael Krohn-Dehli
Substitution Thomas Delaney (off) 98'
Goal 120+2'
19Lasse Schone
Substitution Andreas Christensen (off) 46'
7William Kvist
18Lukas Lerager
9Nicolai Jorgensen
Substitution Andreas Cornelius (off) 66'
23Pione Sisto
Substitution Martin Braithwaite (off) 106'
15Viktor Fischer
12Kasper Dolberg
Age Hareide 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
CroatiaCRO DenmarkDEN
1 Goals 1
0 Assists 1
22 Shots 15
7 Shots on Goal 3
2 Saves 7
0 Penalties Scored 0
1 Penalty Kicks 0
35 Crosses 29
5 Corner Kicks 4
2 Offside 0
5 Fouls Committed 19
0 Cautions/Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
53% Ball Possession 47%
3 Shootout Results 2
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
23Danijel Subašić 120 - 0 0 1 2
2Šime Vrsaljko 120 0 0 0 - -
3Ivan Strinić 81 0 0 0 - -
4Ivan Perisic 97 0 0 0 - -
6Dejan Lovren 120 0 0 0 - -
7Ivan Rakitić 120 0 0 0 - -
10Luka Modrić 120 0 0 0 - -
11Marcelo Brozovic 71 0 0 0 - -
17Mario Mandzukic 108 1 0 0 - -
18Ante Rebic 120 0 0 0 - -
21Domagoj Vida 120 0 0 0 - -
8Mateo Kovacic 49 0 0 0 - -
9Andrej Kramarić 23 0 0 0 - -
19Milan Badelj 12 0 0 0 - -
22Josip Pivaric 39 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Kasper Schmeichel 120 - 0 0 1 7
4Simon Kjaer 120 0 0 0 - -
5Jonas Knudsen 120 0 0 0 - -
6Andreas Christensen 45 0 0 0 - -
8Thomas Delaney 98 0 0 0 - -
10Christian Eriksen 120 0 0 0 - -
11Martin Braithwaite 106 0 0 0 - -
13Mathias Jorgensen 120 1 1 0 - -
14Henrik Dalsgaard 120 0 0 0 - -
20Yussuf Poulsen 120 0 0 0 - -
21Andreas Cornelius 66 0 0 0 - -
2Michael Krohn-Dehli 22 0 0 0 - -
9Nicolai Jorgensen 54 0 0 0 - -
19Lasse Schone 75 0 0 0 - -
23Pione Sisto 14 0 0 0 - -
CroatiaCRO vs. DenmarkDEN
Minute Event
120+10' Game Over Croatia 1-1 Denmark
120+10' Shootout Goal Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
120+9' Shootout Save Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark)
120+8' Shootout Save Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
120+7' Shootout Save Lasse Schone (Denmark)
120+6' Shootout Goal Luka Modrić (Croatia)
120+5' Shootout Goal Michael Krohn-Dehli (Denmark)
120+4' Shootout Goal Andrej Kramarić (Croatia)
120+3' Shootout Goal Simon Kjaer (Denmark)
120+2' Shootout Save Milan Badelj (Croatia)
120+2' Shootout Save Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
120+2' Half Over Croatia 1-1 Denmark
120+2' Cross Lasse Schone (Denmark) - Headed Out - Out of Play
120+1' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
120' Shot Andrej Kramarić (Croatia)
119' Shot on Goal Luka Modrić (Croatia)
117' Free Kick Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
117' Foul Badelj fouled by Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark)
116' Penalty Miss Luka Modrić (Croatia)
116' Shot on Goal Luka Modrić (Croatia)
116' Free Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia)
115' Yellow Card Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark)
114' Foul Rebic fouled by Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark)
114' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
113' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
113' Shot Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark)
113' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Completed Pass
113' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
112' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
111' Cross Josip Pivaric (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
111' Free Kick Milan Badelj (Croatia)
110' Foul Rebic fouled by Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark)
109' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
108' Substitution Milan Badelj (on). Mandzukic (off). (Croatia)
108' Shot Pione Sisto (Denmark)
107' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
106' Cross Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark) - Defended
106' Shot Mateo Kovacic (Croatia)
106' Substitution Pione Sisto (on). Braithwaite (off). (Denmark)
106' Start Half
105+2' Half Over Croatia 1-1 Denmark
105+1' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
105+1' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Clearance Out of Play
105+1' Cross Andrej Kramarić (Croatia) - Completed Pass
105+1' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
105' Throw-In Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
105' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
105' Corner Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
105' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Blocked
104' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
104' Corner Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
104' Cross Andrej Kramarić (Croatia) - Blocked
102' Free Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
102' Offside Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
101' Throw-In Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
101' Cross Josip Pivaric (Croatia) - Blocked
101' Free Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia)
100' Foul Kovacic fouled by Lasse Schone (Denmark)
100' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
99' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
99' Shot Lasse Schone (Denmark)
99' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
98' Substitution Michael Krohn-Dehli (on). Delaney (off). (Denmark)
97' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
97' Substitution Andrej Kramarić (on). Perisic (off). (Croatia)
96' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Directly Out
96' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
96' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
96' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Headed Out - Out of Play
96' Corner Kick Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Headed Out - Out of Play
95' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Blocked
95' Cross Martin Braithwaite (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
95' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Completed Pass
93' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
93' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
93' Shot Lasse Schone (Denmark)
93' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
93' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
92' Shot Thomas Delaney (Denmark)
91' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Completed Pass
91' Start Half
90+4' Half Over Croatia 1-1 Denmark
90+4' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
90+3' Shot Martin Braithwaite (Denmark)
90+3' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Off Target
90+3' Corner Kick Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Off Target
90+2' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Headed Out - Out of Play
90+2' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
90+2' Shot Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
90+2' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
90+1' Injury Time (Denmark)
90' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Clearance In Play
90' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
90' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - Out of Play
90' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
89' Throw-In Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
88' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
87' Shot Lasse Schone (Denmark)
87' Cross Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark) - Clearance In Play
87' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
87' Corner Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
86' Shot Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
86' Cross Ante Rebic (Croatia) - Clearance In Play
86' Cross Ivan Perisic (Croatia) - Completed Pass
86' Throw-In Josip Pivaric (Croatia)
85' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
85' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Clearance Out of Play
85' Throw-In Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
84' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
84' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
84' Cross Josip Pivaric (Croatia) - Off Target
84' Free Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia)
82' Foul Kovacic fouled by Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark)
81' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
81' Substitution Josip Pivaric (on). Strinić (off). (Croatia)
79' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
78' Shot on Goal Ante Rebic (Croatia)
77' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
77' Shot Luka Modrić (Croatia)
77' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Clearance In Play
77' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Clearance In Play
76' Throw-In Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
76' Free Kick Mateo Kovacic (Croatia)
75' Foul Strinić fouled by Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark)
74' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
74' Shot Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
73' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
73' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
72' Shot on Goal Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark)
72' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
71' Substitution Mateo Kovacic (on). Brozovic (off). (Croatia)
70' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
69' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
68' Free Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
68' Foul Ante Rebic (Croatia)
67' Throw-In Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
67' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
67' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
67' Free Kick Domagoj Vida (Croatia)
66' Substitution Nicolai Jorgensen (on). Cornelius (off). (Denmark)
66' Foul Rakitić fouled by Thomas Delaney (Denmark)
65' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
65' Shot Ante Rebic (Croatia)
65' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
65' Corner Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
64' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
64' Free Kick Simon Kjaer (Denmark)
63' Foul Kjaer fouled by Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
63' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
63' Cross Thomas Delaney (Denmark) - Blocked
62' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
61' Free Kick Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
61' Foul Vrsaljko fouled by Martin Braithwaite (Denmark)
61' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
60' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
60' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
59' Cross Ivan Perisic (Croatia) - Directly Out
59' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
57' Free Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
57' Foul Delaney fouled by Luka Modrić (Croatia)
57' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
57' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
56' Shot Martin Braithwaite (Denmark)
56' Cross Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark) - Clearance In Play
55' Free Kick Domagoj Vida (Croatia)
55' Foul Brozovic fouled by Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark)
54' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
54' Free Kick Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
54' Foul Perisic fouled by Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
53' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
52' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
51' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
50' Free Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
50' Offside Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
49' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
49' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
49' Cross Ivan Perisic (Croatia) - Directly Out
48' Free Kick Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
48' Foul Rebic fouled by Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
47' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
47' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
47' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
46' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
46' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
46' Substitution Lasse Schone (on). Christensen (off). (Denmark)
46' Start Half
45+3' Half Over Croatia 1-1 Denmark
45+2' Injury Time (Denmark)
44' Shot on Goal Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
44' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
43' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
43' Cross Ante Rebic (Croatia) - Blocked
43' Throw-In Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
42' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
42' Shot Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
42' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
42' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
41' Free Kick Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
40' Foul Poulsen fouled by Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
40' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
39' Cross Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark) - Defended by Keeper
39' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
39' Shot Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
39' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Off Target
39' Free Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia)
38' Foul Rebic fouled by Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
37' Free Kick Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
37' Foul Rakitić fouled by Yussuf Poulsen (Denmark)
37' Free Kick Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
37' Foul Modrić fouled by Thomas Delaney (Denmark)
37' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
36' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
35' Cross Ivan Perisic (Croatia) - Blocked
35' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
34' Shot Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
34' Free Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
33' Foul Christensen fouled by Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
33' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
32' Shot Ante Rebic (Croatia)
32' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
32' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
32' Cross Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
32' Corner Kick Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
30' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
30' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
29' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
29' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
29' Cross Ante Rebic (Croatia) - Defended by Keeper
29' Shot on Goal Ivan Rakitić (Croatia)
28' Free Kick Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia)
28' Foul Rakitić fouled by Thomas Delaney (Denmark)
28' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
27' Shot on Goal Martin Braithwaite (Denmark)
26' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
25' Free Kick Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia)
25' Foul Vrsaljko fouled by Martin Braithwaite (Denmark)
25' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
24' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
24' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
23' Cross Andreas Christensen (Denmark) - Blocked
23' Corner Kick Martin Braithwaite (Denmark) - Completed Pass
23' Shot Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
22' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
22' Cross Ivan Strinić (Croatia) - Directly Out
22' Cross Ivan Perisic (Croatia) - Clearance In Play
21' Goal Kick Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark)
20' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
20' Cross Ivan Strinić (Croatia) - Directly Out
20' Throw-In Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
19' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
19' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
16' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
15' Cross Ivan Strinić (Croatia) - Blocked
15' Cross Ante Rebic (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
15' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
15' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Blocked
14' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Blocked
14' Throw-In Henrik Dalsgaard (Denmark)
13' Cross Ante Rebic (Croatia) - Defended
13' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
13' Cross Ivan Strinić (Croatia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
13' Cross Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
13' Corner Kick Luka Modrić (Croatia) - Headed Out - In Play
12' Shot Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
12' Free Kick Ivan Perisic (Croatia)
11' Foul Rebic fouled by Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark)
10' Free Kick Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia)
10' Foul Modrić fouled by Thomas Delaney (Denmark)
9' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Headed Out - In Play
9' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
9' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
8' Goal Kick Danijel Subašić (Croatia)
7' Cross Andreas Cornelius (Denmark) - Directly Out
6' Free Kick Dejan Lovren (Croatia)
6' Foul Lovren fouled by Andreas Cornelius (Denmark)
5' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
4' Goal Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
4' Shot on Goal Mario Mandzukic (Croatia)
4' Cross Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia) - Clearance In Play
4' Throw-In Šime Vrsaljko (Croatia)
3' Throw-In Ivan Strinić (Croatia)
1' Goal Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark). Assist by Delaney
1' Shot on Goal Mathias Jorgensen (Denmark)
1' Cross Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) - Completed Pass
1' Throw-In Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
1' Start Half
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