World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Sweden v Germany
Saturday, June 23, 2018
 Full TimeFOX/TELE
 0-1O. Toivonen  32'
M. Reus  48' 1-1 
T. Kroos  90+5' 2-1 
SWEO. Toivonen  32' 0-1
GERM. Reus  48' 1-1
GERT. Kroos  90+5' 2-1
HT: 0-1
Fisht Stadium (Attendance: 44,287)
Referee: Szymon Marciniak
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Germany vs. Sweden
Minute Commentary
90' Germany rescue three points
Germany was the attacking team for the majority of the game. Despite that, they found themselves behind at half time after a counter-attack goal from Ola Toivonen. Germany recovered in the second half and score a quick goal by Marco Reus. After Jermore Boateng got sent off for a second yellow, Sweden looked to grab a second goal themselves. Germany kept their wits about them and were eventually rewarded in injury time as Toni Kroos scored a wonderful goal. Germany stays alive and go level with Sweden in the group on points. They will play the Korea Repbulic in their final match as they look to move on to the next round.<br> Sweden saw the second round in their future when they took the lead in the first half. They were punished by a more talented German team. Sweden kept Germany at bay for most of the game but could hold out no longer. Despite going up a man, they were unable to find the winner and instead conceded it. Sweden are still alive in the tournament with a chance to move on. Sweden will play Mexico next and they will need at least a point if they have hopes of moving on.
90' Germany wins it
In the dying minutes of the game, Germany grab a winner to keep themselves in the tournament.
90' Larsson gets a yellow
Sebastian Larsson goes down thinking he's fouled and grabs the ball with his hand. The ref says he was not fouled and instead gives him a yellow card.
90' Kroos with a ridiculous goal!
Off the freekick, Toni Kroos taps it to Marco Reus who plays it right back to Toni Kroos. Toni Kroos takes the shot and curls it into the upper-right corner of the net. What a amazing goal that Robin Olsen had no chance of saving.
90' Werner earns a freekick
Timo Werner runs down the right side near the penalty area and wins a freekick in a dangerous area.
90' Brandt so close!
Julian Brandt gets a wonderful shot off at the top of the penalty area. His shot rockets off the post. German is unable to get a rebound goal because Timo Werner was offside.
90' Five minutes more
Five minutes are added on for injury time.
89' Brandt fouled
Julian Brandt is fouled over on the right side in Germany's final third. At the same time, Marcus Berg is being substituted off for Isaac Kiese Thelin.
88' Olsen with a big save
Germany are living near the Swedish penalty area. Toni Kroos whips in a cross to Mario Gomez who gets a strong head on it but Robin Olsen is able to push the ball over.
87' Germany makes their final sub
Jonas Hector is being taken off for Julian Brandt. Germany are looking to win this game and not tie.
85' Kimmich fouled
Joshua Kimmich is fouled by Emil Forsberg in the Swedish half.
83' Risky by Neuer
Sweden are on the attack after Germany go down to 10 men. A header by Andreas Granqvist goes on target and Manuel Neuer loses his footing as he goes for the ball but the German keeper is able to get the ball behind for a corner kick.
82' Boateng sent off
Jerome Boateng gets sent off after a challenge on Marcus Berg by way of a second yellow. The official took a long time to decide but he eventually shows the German defender a second yellow. Boateng will miss the final game for Germany.
81' Werner with a shot
Thomas Muller and Joshua Kimmich move the ball down the right side and Mueller puts in a low cross to Timo Werner. The striker makes contact but puts his shot over the net.
79' Boateng still pushing up
Boateng launches a cross into the box but Andreas Granqvist gets fouled by Thomas Muller before anything comes of the play.
77' Toivonen comes off
Sweden's lone goal-scorer Ola Toivonen makes way for John Guidetti to come on.
76' Forsberg with a shot
After a corner was taken by Ludwig Augustinsson, the ball comes out to Emil Forsberg who is on the edge of the penalty area. He launches a shot at goal but Manuel Neuer grabs it.
74' Sweden makes a sub
Viktor Claesson is being substituted off for Jimmy Durmaz.
72' Germany with another chance
Marco Reus plays a wonderful pass to Timo Werner mid-stride. Werner hits it into the middle of the box but the ball does not meet another German. Robin Olsen Produces a save after the ball almost bounces into his own net off of a Swedish defender.
71' Boateng gets a yellow
Germany attack but are unable to get a clear shot off. Sweden eventually get the ball for a counter-attack but Jerome Boateng fouls Emil Forsberg at the half-way line.
68' Gomez offside
Boateng chips in a lovely cross that gets to Mario Gomez but Gomez hesitates and is unable to get a clean shot off. Gomez is ruled offside after the ball goes out of bounds.
66' Dangerous punch
Joshua Kimmich whips in a strong cross at the box from the right side and Robin Olsen attempts to punch the ball away but it does not go far and bounces in the middle of the box. No German player is there to take advantage and the ball is eventually cleared away.
63' Kroos takes a shot
Germany are attacking for most of this half and in the latest attack, Kroos takes a shot at the top of the box but his shot is blocked quickly.
61' Germany so close again!
Joshua Kimmich puts the ball into the box and Marco Reus attempts to get a shot but the ball is awkward for him to hit in stride. Mario Gomez is right behind Reus but is unable to reach the ball before it goes out of bounds.
59' Sweden have a chance
Sweden earn possession in the German half and Ola Toivonen puts in a cross at Viktor Claesson but his shot is blocked and cleared out. Germany attempt a fast-break but are slowed down.
56' Mueller almost scores
Timo Werner works the ball down the left side of the box and puts in a cross at Thomas Muller. Mueller is able to contort his body and get a shot off but Robin Olsen is there to save it.
52' Ekdal gets a yellow
Albin Ekdal earns a yellow after going into a sliding challenge against Thomas Muller.
51' Mueller goes close
Germany have a chance after earning a freekick on the right side near the penalty area. Toni Kroos swings in the cross and Thomas Muller gets a head to it but puts his shot wide.
49' Germany almost make it two
Toni Kroos pushes further up and puts in a shot but it is deflected by Victor Lindelof and goes out for a corner kick.
48' Germany equalize quickly
Timo Werner makes good work on the left side of the box and the puts in a low cross towards the middle of the box. Mario Gomez lays it off for Marco Reus who puts the ball in the back of the net.
47' Germany start early
Germany have come out for the second half with pace and are the team attacking. They are whipping in crosses to hit their big target men in the middle.
46' Sweden get the half started
Germany have made their second sub at half-time with Mario Gomez replacing Julian Draxler as a second striker on the field.
45' Germany down again
Despite making multiple changes Germany does not seem to have fixed the issues that led to their loss against Mexico. They are incredibly weak to the counter-attack and Sweden took full advantage of that. Though Germany has had their chances, they have not been clinical enough to get a goal. Germany needs to get numbers forward and finish off their attacking moves with shots on targets and hopefully a few goals.<br> Sweden look much more exciting in this game as opposed to their first game. Though down in possession numbers, Sweden has taken advantage of their attacking opportunities and have been rewarded with the lead. Sweden can now sit-in and defend.
45' Sweden has one last chance.
Sweden earn a freekick in the German half. Sebastian Larsson whips in the cross quickly and it meets the head of Marcus Berg but Manuel Neuer is able to push the ball out of play. The half-time whistle is blown.
45' Two minutes added on
The ref has announced two minutes of injury time as a minimum. Germany are desperately looking towards half-time.
45' Boateng makes an attempt
Jerome Boateng has pushed further up the field to get involved with the German attack. He gets the ball at the top of the box and attempts a shot but the ball goes wide of the post.
44' Sweden close to a second
Sweden get the ball in their defensive half and attempt a quick break. Emil Forsberg charges down the left side and whips in a cross to the box but Viktor Claesson is able to get a shot.
42' Reus with a blistering cross
Marco Reus receives the ball on the right flank and he whips in a powerful cross that makes contact with Timo Werner but the striker is unable to get a good shot off and the ball bounces away.
39' Germany almost score
Robin Olsen comes up with a massive save as Ilkay Gundogan gets into the box and attempts to score. Olsen is able to readjust to make a save on the deflected shot. Thomas Muller attempts a follow-up shot but is put off by Mikael Lustig.
34' Germany on the back-foot
As it stands, Germany are out of the tournament if Sweden are able to stay ahead. This is not looking good for the defending champions. Sloppy passes in midfield is giving Sweden chances to attack.
32' Sweden score
Sweden win the ball in midfield and make a quick break to bring it down the field. Viktor Claesson crosses it over to Ola Toivonen who is able to bring it down and gets a shot off. His shot goes over the hands of the on-rushing Manuel Neuer. The ball settles into the back of the net.
31' Germany makes an early sub
Sebastian Rudy is not able to get his nose patched up in time and Joachim Low has made the decision to bring on Ilkay Gundogan in his place.
28' Sweden take advantage
Sebastian Rudy is still off the field receiving treatment for his nose-bleed and Sweden go on the front foot and attempt to find a goal. They are controlling the ball and working it in towards the net.
25' Rudy down
Sebastian Rudy attempted to get onto a misplaced pass but is clipped in the face by Ola Toivonen as Rudy slides. He has a significant nose-bleed and is currently receiving treatment.
22' Mueller almost in
Joshua Kimmich works a ball towards Thomas Muller in the box but Albin Ekdal is able to shield of the run of Mueller and lets the ball roll out of bounds for a Sweden goal kick.
20' Foul by Draxler
Joshua Kimmich puts in a cross to the box from the right side and Robin Olsen attempts to get a glove to it but collides with Julian Draxler and the ref blows for a foul committed by Draxler.
19' Rudy attempts a shot
Sebastian Rudy gathers the ball at the top of the penalty area and tries a shot but it goes wide. Before the ball went out, Timo Werner gave a touch to it but he was ruled offside.
17' Rudiger fouls in the midfield
Sweden win a free kick at the half-way line after a foul by Antonio Rudiger. Off the freekick the ball almost comes to Marcus Berg in the middle of the box but he is not able to get a shot before the ball is cleared.
15' Sweden enjoying some possession
Sweden have found their way into this game and for the past few minutes have been on the attack in the German half.
12' Sweden have their best chance
A give-away by Germany in midfield gives Marcus Berg the ball and he charges at the Germany goal. Manuel Neuer is there to meet him and makes the save. There are calls of a foul by Sweden but the ref does not call a foul.
11' Germany are threatening
Germany is the team that has enjoyed the majority of possession and chances on goal. Sweden have yet to record a shot in this game. Soon or later Germany are sure to find a goal if the game keeps going like this.
9' Werner almost scores
Marco Reus makes a fantastic run into the box and puts in a cross towards Timo Werner but Victor Lindelof is there to put the ball behind for a corner.
8' German close again
Julian Draxler works down the left side of the penalty area and puts in a low cross right in front of goal but no German player is able to meet it and the pall goes out of bounds.
6' Sweden have their first chance
Emil Forsberg runs towards the German penalty area but is out-muscled by two German defenders before he can get a shot off. Manuel Neuer gathers the ball in the end.
3' Germany almost get one early
Timo Werner makes good work on the touchline and puts in a cross that falls to Thomas Muller but his shot is blocked and the ball eventually goes out for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner.
2' Germany controlling the game
Germany are the team that has maintained possession early in this game and are getting towards the Sweden penalty area.
1' We have kick-off
Sweden gets the game started. Germany are playing in white and Sweden are wearing their blue jersey's.
0' Group F - Matchday 2 - Germany vs. Sweden
Germany suffered a shock defeat to Mexico in their first match at this tournament. The defending World Cup champions looked slow in defense and were punished by the speed of Mexico. Their backs are against the wall and they must produce a result against Sweden if they want to stay alive in this tournament. Coach Joachim Low has made some changes to his line-up in the hopes of earning a better result. Mats Hummels picked up an injury in training and has been replaced by Antonio Rudiger. Jonas Hector comes in to take Marvin Plattenhardt’s position. There are two more changes in midfield as Sami Khedira is replaced by Sebatian Rudy meanwhile Julian Draxler moves to the center, taking over Mesut Ozil’s spot and Marco Reus starts the game on the left flank. These changes are targeted at giving Germany a bit more pace throughout the field. Germany has all the skill required to win the game and they will need to work together as a team to get their chances on goal. Germany will be eliminated from the tournament with a loss against Sweden.<br> Though it may not have been the most exciting win, Sweden walked away from their match against the Korean Republic with all three points. It was captain Andreas Granqvist that stepped up and scored a penalty to give Sweden their sole goal in the game. There is only one change for Sweden with Victor Lindelof coming in at central defense for Pontus Jansson. Sweden will need to stay strong and organized in order to stifle out the Germany creativity and skill in in attack. Sweden can secure a spot in the next round with a win over the Germans.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Manuel Neuer1
Joshua Kimmich18
Antonio Rudiger16
71' 82' Jérôme Boateng17
87' Jonas Hector3
31' Sebastian Rudy19
90+5' Toni Kroos8
Thomas Müller13
46' Julian Draxler7
48' Marco Reus11
Timo Werner9
Kevin Trapp12
Marc-André Ter Stegen22
Mats Hummels5
Marvin Plattenhardt2
Matthias Ginter4
Niklas Sule15
87' Julian Brandt20
31' Ilkay Gundogan21
Mesut Özil10
Sami Khedira6
Leon Goretzka14
46' Mario Gómez23
1Robin Olsen
2Mikael Lustig
3Victor Lindelof
4Andreas Granqvist
6Ludwig Augustinsson
17Viktor Claesson 74'
7Sebastian Larsson 90+7'
8Albin Ekdal 52'
10Emil Forsberg
9Marcus Berg 90'
20Ola Toivonen 78' 32' 
23Kristoffer Nordfeldt
12Karl-Johan Johnsson
5Martin Olsson
18Pontus Jansson
14Filip Helander
16Emil Krafth
21Jimmy Durmaz 74'
13Gustav Svensson
15Oscar Hiljemark
19Marcus Rohden
11John Guidetti 78'
22Isaac Kiese Thelin 90'
Joachim Low 
Janne Andersson 
1Manuel Neuer
18Joshua Kimmich
16Antonio Rüdiger
17Jérome Boateng
Yellow Card 71'
Red Card 82'
3Jonas Hector
Substitution Julian Brandt (on) 87'
19Sebastian Rudy
Substitution Ilkay Gundogan (on) 31'
8Toni Kroos
Goal 90+5'
13Thomas Muller
7Julian Draxler
Substitution Mario Gómez (on) 46'
11Marco Reus
Goal 48'
9Timo Werner
12Kevin Trapp
22Marc-André Ter Stegen
5Mats Hummels
2Marvin Plattenhardt
4Matthias Ginter
15Niklas Sule
20Julian Brandt
Substitution Julian Brandt (on) 87'
21Ilkay Gundogan
Substitution Ilkay Gundogan (on) 31'
10Mesut Ozil
6Sami Khedira
14Leon Goretzka
23Mario Gómez
Substitution Mario Gómez (on) 46'
Joachim Low 
1Robin Olsen
2Mikael Lustig
3Victor Lindelof
4Andreas Granqvist
6Ludwig Augustinsson
17Viktor Claesson
Substitution Jimmy Durmaz (on) 74'
7Sebastian Larsson
Yellow Card 90+7'
8Albin Ekdal
Yellow Card 52'
10Emil Forsberg
9Marcus Berg
Substitution Isaac Kiese Thelin (on) 90'
20Ola Toivonen
Substitution John Guidetti (on) 78'
Goal 32'
23Kristoffer Nordfeldt
12Karl-Johan Johnsson
5Martin Olsson
18Pontus Jansson
14Filip Helander
16Emil Krafth
21Jimmy Durmaz
Substitution Viktor Claesson (off) 74'
13Gustav Svensson
15Oscar Hiljemark
19Marcus Rohdén
11John Guidetti
Substitution Ola Toivonen (off) 78'
22Isaac Kiese Thelin
Substitution Marcus Berg (off) 90'
Janne Andersson 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
GermanyGER SwedenSWE
2 Goals 1
2 Assists 1
16 Shots 8
5 Shots on Goal 6
5 Saves 3
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
49 Crosses 16
8 Corner Kicks 3
5 Offside 2
12 Fouls Committed 13
2 Cautions/Yellow Cards 2
1 Red Cards 0
72% Ball Possession 28%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Manuel Neuer 90 - 0 0 1 5
3Jonas Hector 87 0 0 0 - -
7Julian Draxler 45 0 0 0 - -
8Toni Kroos 90 1 0 0 - -
9Timo Werner 90 0 0 0 - -
11Marco Reus 90 1 0 0 - -
13Thomas Müller 90 0 0 0 - -
16Antonio Rudiger 90 0 0 0 - -
17Jérôme Boateng 82 0 2 1 - -
18Joshua Kimmich 90 0 0 0 - -
19Sebastian Rudy 31 0 0 0 - -
20Julian Brandt 3 0 0 0 - -
21Ilkay Gundogan 59 0 0 0 - -
23Mario Gómez 45 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Robin Olsen 90 - 0 0 2 3
2Mikael Lustig 90 0 0 0 - -
3Victor Lindelof 90 0 0 0 - -
4Andreas Granqvist 90 0 0 0 - -
6Ludwig Augustinsson 90 0 0 0 - -
7Sebastian Larsson 90 0 1 0 - -
8Albin Ekdal 90 0 1 0 - -
9Marcus Berg 89 0 0 0 - -
10Emil Forsberg 90 0 0 0 - -
17Viktor Claesson 74 0 0 0 - -
20Ola Toivonen 78 1 0 0 - -
11John Guidetti 12 0 0 0 - -
21Jimmy Durmaz 16 0 0 0 - -
22Isaac Kiese Thelin 1 0 0 0 - -
GermanyGER vs. SwedenSWE
Minute Event
90+8' Game Over Germany 2-1 Sweden
90+8' Half Over Germany 2-1 Sweden
90+8' Free Kick Manuel Neuer (Germany)
90+7' Yellow Card Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
90+7' Foul Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
90+7' Throw-In Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden)
90+5' Goal Toni Kroos (Germany). Assist by Reus
90+5' Shot on Goal Toni Kroos (Germany)
90+5' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
90+5' Foul Werner fouled by Jimmy Durmaz (Sweden)
90+4' Shot on Goal John Guidetti (Sweden)
90+4' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
90+4' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Directly Out
90+3' Free Kick Manuel Neuer (Germany)
90+3' Foul Reus fouled by John Guidetti (Sweden)
90+3' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
90+2' Offside Timo Werner (Germany)
90+2' Shot Julian Brandt (Germany)
90+2' Corner Kick Toni Kroos (Germany) - Completed Pass
90+2' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - Clearance Out of Play
90+1' Free Kick Antonio Rudiger (Germany)
90+1' Foul Rudiger fouled by Isaac Kiese Thelin (Sweden)
90+1' Injury Time (Sweden)
90' Throw-In Julian Brandt (Germany)
90' Cross Julian Brandt (Germany) - Deflected - Out of Play
90' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
90' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
90' Substitution Isaac Kiese Thelin (on). Berg (off). (Sweden)
89' Foul Brandt fouled by Jimmy Durmaz (Sweden)
89' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
88' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Directly Out
88' Corner Kick Thomas Müller (Germany) - Completed Pass
88' Shot on Goal Mario Gómez (Germany)
88' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - On Target
88' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
87' Throw-In Marco Reus (Germany)
87' Substitution Julian Brandt (on). Hector (off). (Germany)
86' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Clearance In Play
86' Free Kick Antonio Rudiger (Germany)
85' Offside Marcus Berg (Sweden)
85' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Blocked
85' Free Kick Ilkay Gundogan (Germany)
85' Foul Kimmich fouled by Emil Forsberg (Sweden)
84' Goal Kick Manuel Neuer (Germany)
84' Cross Sebastian Larsson (Sweden) - Directly Out
84' Corner Kick Sebastian Larsson (Sweden) - Directly Out
83' Shot on Goal Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
83' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - On Target
83' Cross Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
83' Free Kick Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
82' Red Card Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
81' Foul Berg fouled by Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
81' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
81' Shot Timo Werner (Germany)
81' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Off Target
80' Free Kick Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
80' Offside Marcus Berg (Sweden)
80' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
79' Foul Granqvist fouled by Thomas Müller (Germany)
79' Cross Jérôme Boateng (Germany) - Foul
79' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Blocked
79' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
78' Free Kick Manuel Neuer (Germany)
78' Substitution John Guidetti (on). Toivonen (off). (Sweden)
77' Foul Kimmich fouled by Marcus Berg (Sweden)
77' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
76' Shot on Goal Emil Forsberg (Sweden)
76' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
76' Corner Kick Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
75' Cross Jimmy Durmaz (Sweden) - Blocked
75' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
74' Free Kick Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
74' Substitution Jimmy Durmaz (on). Claesson (off). (Sweden)
73' Foul Ekdal fouled by Timo Werner (Germany)
73' Throw-In Marco Reus (Germany)
73' Shot Marco Reus (Germany)
73' Cross Ilkay Gundogan (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
73' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
72' Foul Ola Toivonen (Sweden)
72' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - Clearance In Play
71' Goal Kick Manuel Neuer (Germany)
71' Free Kick Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
71' Yellow Card Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
71' Foul Forsberg fouled by Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
70' Cross Jonas Hector (Germany) - Clearance In Play
70' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
69' Cross Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
68' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
68' Offside Mario Gómez (Germany)
68' Cross Jérôme Boateng (Germany) - Offside
67' Throw-In Marco Reus (Germany)
67' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Clearance In Play
66' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
66' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany)
65' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
65' Corner Kick Toni Kroos (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
65' Shot Toni Kroos (Germany)
65' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Completed Pass
63' Shot Toni Kroos (Germany)
63' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - Blocked
62' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
61' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
61' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Directly Out
60' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
60' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Directly Out
59' Throw-In Toni Kroos (Germany)
59' Throw-In Mario Gómez (Germany)
59' Cross Ola Toivonen (Sweden) - Clearance In Play
58' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
58' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
57' Throw-In Ilkay Gundogan (Germany)
57' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Clearance Out of Play
56' Shot on Goal Jonas Hector (Germany)
56' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - On Target
56' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
55' Foul Kroos fouled by Ola Toivonen (Sweden)
55' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
55' Offside Timo Werner (Germany)
55' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
54' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
54' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
53' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
52' Yellow Card Albin Ekdal (Sweden)
52' Foul Werner fouled by Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
52' Free Kick Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
51' Foul Jonas Hector (Germany)
51' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
51' Shot Thomas Müller (Germany)
51' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - Off Target
51' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
49' Foul Kimmich fouled by Victor Lindelof (Sweden)
49' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Clearance In Play
49' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - Completed Pass
49' Corner Kick Toni Kroos (Germany) - Completed Pass
49' Shot Toni Kroos (Germany)
48' Goal Marco Reus (Germany). Assist by Gómez
48' Shot on Goal Marco Reus (Germany)
48' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - Completed Pass
48' Throw-In Joshua Kimmich (Germany)
48' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Clearance In Play
47' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
47' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Clearance In Play
46' Cross Jérôme Boateng (Germany) - Clearance In Play
46' Throw-In Joshua Kimmich (Germany)
46' Substitution Mario Gómez (on). Draxler (off). (Germany)
46' Start Half
45+3' Half Over Germany 0-1 Sweden
45+2' Shot on Goal Marcus Berg (Sweden)
45+2' Cross Sebastian Larsson (Sweden) - On Target
45+2' Free Kick Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)
45+2' Foul Claesson fouled by Antonio Rudiger (Germany)
45+2' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
45+1' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
45+1' Injury Time (Sweden)
45' Shot Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
44' Throw-In Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
43' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
43' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
43' Foul Lustig fouled by Julian Draxler (Germany)
42' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Foul
42' Throw-In Joshua Kimmich (Germany)
42' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Clearance Out of Play
41' Throw-In Thomas Müller (Germany)
40' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
40' Foul Marco Reus (Germany)
40' Corner Kick Toni Kroos (Germany) - Completed Pass
39' Shot on Goal Ilkay Gundogan (Germany)
39' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
39' Throw-In Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
38' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
38' Cross Viktor Claesson (Sweden) - Defended
38' Throw-In Viktor Claesson (Sweden)
37' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
37' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
37' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
36' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Directly Out
36' Throw-In Joshua Kimmich (Germany)
35' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
35' Foul Lustig fouled by Julian Draxler (Germany)
35' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
32' Goal Ola Toivonen (Sweden). Assist by Claesson
32' Shot on Goal Ola Toivonen (Sweden)
32' Cross Viktor Claesson (Sweden) - Completed Pass
31' Free Kick Victor Lindelof (Sweden)
31' Substitution Ilkay Gundogan (on). Rudy (off). (Germany)
31' Offside Jonas Hector (Germany)
31' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
30' Cross Jonas Hector (Germany) - Blocked
30' Free Kick Thomas Müller (Germany)
30' Foul Müller fouled by Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
30' Throw-In Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden)
29' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
29' Corner Kick Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
28' Cross Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden) - Headed Out - Out of Play
26' Throw-In Emil Forsberg (Sweden)
24' Cross Toni Kroos (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
24' Corner Kick Toni Kroos (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
22' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
21' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
20' Foul Olsen fouled by Julian Draxler (Germany)
20' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Blocked
20' Cross Mikael Lustig (Sweden) - Defended by Keeper
19' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
19' Offside Timo Werner (Germany)
19' Shot Sebastian Rudy (Germany)
19' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Headed Out - In Play
18' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
18' Shot Marcus Berg (Sweden)
18' Cross Mikael Lustig (Sweden) - Off Target
18' Free Kick Andreas Granqvist (Sweden)
17' Foul Berg fouled by Antonio Rudiger (Germany)
17' Throw-In Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden)
16' Shot Jérôme Boateng (Germany)
15' Cross Viktor Claesson (Sweden) - Headed Out - In Play
15' Throw-In Viktor Claesson (Sweden)
15' Throw-In Mikael Lustig (Sweden)
14' Free Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
14' Foul Toivonen fouled by Sebastian Rudy (Germany)
13' Shot on Goal Marcus Berg (Sweden)
12' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Clearance In Play
11' Free Kick Toni Kroos (Germany)
10' Foul Hector fouled by Ola Toivonen (Sweden)
10' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
10' Cross Jonas Hector (Germany) - Directly Out
9' Corner Kick Marco Reus (Germany) - Completed Pass
9' Cross Marco Reus (Germany) - Clearance Out of Play
8' Goal Kick Robin Olsen (Sweden)
8' Cross Julian Draxler (Germany) - Directly Out
6' Throw-In Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden)
5' Throw-In Antonio Rudiger (Germany)
5' Throw-In Jonas Hector (Germany)
3' Shot Jonas Hector (Germany)
3' Corner Kick Marco Reus (Germany) - Completed Pass
3' Shot Julian Draxler (Germany)
3' Cross Timo Werner (Germany) - Clearance In Play
2' Cross Joshua Kimmich (Germany) - Clearance In Play
2' Throw-In Ludwig Augustinsson (Sweden)
1' Cross Thomas Müller (Germany) - Directly Out
1' Start Half
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