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Scouting Report
One of the most divisive prospects to come into the league in decades, Manziel could get an entire front office fired or wind up spearheading a dynasty. The truth likely will wind up somewhere in between, but it's tough to peg down how a player who owed so much of his collegiate success to ad-libbing will translate at a position that's perhaps the most difficult to play in any professional sport. Manziel's height is seen as one of his biggest detriments, but he has unusually large hands that help him get an excellent grip on the ball. His scrambling ability is impressive but hardly unforeseen, yet it's his ability to escape pressure that makes his talent so tantalizing. Manziel's field vision is extraordinary, and after months of being picked apart before and after the NFL combine, he showed off his ability to throw on the move during a pro day that saw him make the unusual decision to wear a helmet and shoulder pads. His arm strength is above average if not outstanding, but his ability to go beyond his first and second reads is something that many teams will question. Manziel had the luxury with the Aggies of throwing the ball up to physically gifted first-round receiver Mike Evans, but if Evans was covered, taking off was often his second option. No team at the next level is going to want its multi-million dollar investment leaving the pocket at the first sign of trouble, so reining in Manziel will be key. Then there's the concern of the former Heisman Trophy winner off the field. Confident to some and abrasive to others, his "Johnny Football" persona skyrocketed within the past year, cultivating an image of Manziel as a hard-partying celebrity who occasionally plays football. But after stripping away the tardiness from the Manning Passing Academy and the LeBron James McDonald's commercials, you're still left with a unique football talent who could change a franchise's fortune for the next 15 years. Some may see the next Steve Young and others the next Jeff Garcia, but Manziel's skill set may be more unique than that. As roundly praised or criticized as he's been, it's hard not to see one of the five or six QB-needy teams in the top 10 taking their chances that Manziel is, indeed, the next big thing.