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Scouting Report
One of the top guards available in the draft, Warford was a three-year starter and earned all-SEC second-team honors in all three. He was a third-team All-American this season, becoming the first Kentucky offensive lineman to receive such an honor since Warren Bryant made the second team in 1976. He is one of the best run-blocking guards in the nation, able to trap-block and lead run plays on the pull. Despite his size, Warford is deceptively nimble, quick on his feet and capable of reaching the second level to block linebackers out of a play. About the only part of his game that needs definite improvement is his explosion coming off the snap, which means defensive linemen may be able to move him with a quick swim move before he pushes off and drives. While primarily a right guard, Warford feels he is versatile enough to play on the left side and served as Kentucky's second-string center. The latter is a bonus since the Wildcats primarily ran a shotgun offense, so longer snaps are not a concern. Depending on a team's needs, Warford has a chance to be a starter by September. He could go as high as the second round and definitely won't be around after the third.