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NBA Leaders

Points Per Game
Rank Name PPG
1 D. Lillard, Por39.0
2 K. Leonard, SA35.0
3 K. Irving, Cle29.0
3 J. Johnson, Uta29.0
5 K. Durant, GS27.0
6t L. Aldridge, SA26.0
6t S. Curry, GS26.0
6t R. Hood, Uta26.0
9 C. McCollum, Por25.0
10 K. Love, Cle23.0
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Field Goal Percentage
Rank Name FG%
1 N. Vonleh, Por1.000
2 J. Johnson, Uta.750
3 R. Jefferson, Cle.714
4 D. Lillard, Por.650
5 L. James, Cle.643
6 K. Durant, GS.611
7 A. Crabbe, Por.600
8 J. Simmons, SA.571
8 R. Gobert, Uta.571
10 K. Irving, Cle.545
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Rebounds Per Game
Rank Name RPG
1 L. Aldridge, SA14.0
1 R. Gobert, Uta14.0
3 D. Green, GS12.0
3 K. Love, Cle12.0
5 L. James, Cle11.0
6 K. Durant, GS10.0
7 D. Lillard, Por9.0
8 D. Dedmon, SA8.0
9 E. Davis, Por7.0
9 K. Porzingis, NY7.0
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Steals Per Game
Rank Name SPG
1 D. Green, GS5.00
1 K. Leonard, SA5.00
3 P. Mills, SA4.00
4 M. Dunleavy, Cle3.00
4 K. Love, Cle3.00
6t K. Durant, GS2.00
6t M. Harkless, Por2.00
6t G. Hill, Uta2.00
6t R. Hood, Uta2.00
6t K. Irving, Cle2.00
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Assists per game
Rank Name APG
1 L. James, Cle14.0
2t D. Green, GS6.0
2t G. Hill, Uta6.0
2t D. Lillard, Por6.0
5t B. Jennings, NY5.0
5t P. Mills, SA5.0
5t E. Turner, Por5.0
8t S. Curry, GS4.0
8t K. Durant, GS4.0
8t K. Irving, Cle4.0
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Blocks Per Game
Rank Name BPG
1t D. Dedmon, SA2.00
1t K. Durant, GS2.00
1t R. Gobert, Uta2.00
1t K. O'Quinn, NY2.00
1t K. Porzingis, NY2.00
6t C. Andersen, Cle1.00
6t I. Clark, GS1.00
6t E. Davis, Por1.00
6t C. Frye, Cle1.00
6t D. Green, GS1.00
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