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AL Wins
Rank Name W
1 R. Porcello, Bos22
2 J. Happ, Tor20
3 C. Kluber, Cle18
4t D. Price, Bos17
4t C. Sale, CWS17
6t H. Iwakuma, Sea16
6t C. Tillman, Bal16
6t J. Verlander, Det16
9 C. Hamels, Tex15
10t A. Sánchez, Tor14
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NL Wins
Rank Name W
1t J. Lester, ChC19
1t M. Scherzer, Was19
3 J. Arrieta, ChC18
4 J. Cueto, SF17
5t J. Fernández, Mia16
5t K. Hendricks, ChC16
5t K. Maeda, LAD16
8t J. Hammel, ChC15
8t C. Martínez, StL15
8t T. Roark, Was15
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AL Saves
Rank Name Svs
1 Z. Britton, Bal47
2 F. Rodríguez, Det44
3t S. Dyson, Tex37
3t D. Robertson, CWS37
5t Á. Colomé, TB35
5t R. Osuna, Tor35
7t C. Allen, Cle30
7t C. Kimbrel, Bos30
7t R. Madson, Oak30
10 W. Davis, KC27
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NL Saves
Rank Name Svs
1 J. Familia, NYM50
2 K. Jansen, LAD47
3 M. Melancon, Was44
4 A. Ramos, Mia39
5 J. Gómez, Phi37
6 S. Casilla, SF31
7 J. Jeffress, Mil27
8 F. Rodney, Mia25
9 J. Papelbon, Was19
10t J. Johnson, Atl18
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AL Earned Run Average
Rank Name ERA
1 M. Fulmer, Det3.06
2 A. Sánchez, Tor3.06
3 M. Tanaka, NYY3.07
4 J. Verlander, Det3.10
5 R. Porcello, Bos3.11
6 C. Kluber, Cle3.14
7 J. Happ, Tor3.20
8 C. Sale, CWS3.21
9 J. Quintana, CWS3.21
10 C. Hamels, Tex3.32
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NL Earned Run Average
Rank Name ERA
1 K. Hendricks, ChC1.99
2 J. Lester, ChC2.28
3 N. Syndergaard, NYM2.60
4 M. Bumgarner, SF2.71
5 J. Cueto, SF2.79
6 M. Scherzer, Was2.82
7 J. Fernández, Mia2.86
8 T. Roark, Was2.86
9 J. Arrieta, ChC3.10
10 C. Martínez, StL3.15
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AL Pitcher Strikeouts
Rank Name K
1 J. Verlander, Det246
2 C. Archer, TB228
3t C. Kluber, Cle227
3t C. Sale, CWS227
5 D. Price, Bos224
6 M. Pineda, NYY202
7 C. Hamels, Tex200
8 D. Duffy, KC185
9 R. Porcello, Bos183
10 I. Kennedy, KC181
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NL Pitcher Strikeouts
Rank Name K
1 M. Scherzer, Was277
2 J. Fernández, Mia253
3 M. Bumgarner, SF246
4 N. Syndergaard, NYM218
5 R. Ray, Ari215
6 J. Lester, ChC191
7 J. Arrieta, ChC190
8 J. Cueto, SF187
9 S. Strasburg, Was183
10 J. Gray, Col182
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