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Chicago Bears (3-13)


Date Player Status
1/14 Q. Demps hamstring (Questionable)
1/1 L. Floyd concussion (Doubtful)
1/1 D. Bush ankle (Questionable)
1/1 B. Callahan hamstring, knee (Questionable)
1/1 D. Fales right thumb (Questionable)
1/1 C. LeBlanc knee (Questionable)
1/1 B. Massie toe (Questionable)
1/1 P. McPhee shoulder (Questionable)
1/1 T. Porter knee, shoulder (Questionable)
1/1 W. Young knee (Questionable)
1/1 M. Cooper back, calf (Questionable)
12/24 E. Kush concussion (Out)
12/24 B. Callahan knee (Questionable)
12/24 K. Carey shoulder (Questionable)
12/24 D. Fales right shoulder (Questionable)
12/24 C. LeBlanc knee (Questionable)
12/24 W. Young knee (Questionable)
12/24 M. Cooper back, calf (Out)
12/23 E. Goldman ankle (IR)
12/19 E. Royal toe (IR)
12/18 J. Banks ankle (Questionable)
12/18 B. Callahan knee (Questionable)
12/18 E. Goldman ankle (Questionable)
12/18 E. Royal toe (Out)
12/18 M. Wilson groin, foot (Out)
12/18 M. Cooper back (Questionable)
12/17 M. Wilson broken left foot (IR)
12/15 B. Cunningham neck (Out)
12/15 B. Cunningham neck (IR)
12/12 M. Adams back (IR)
12/11 M. Adams back (Doubtful)
12/11 J. Anderson hamstring (Questionable)
12/11 J. Banks ankle (Questionable)
12/11 J. Bellamy shoulder (Questionable)
12/11 E. Royal toe (Doubtful)
12/11 M. Wilson groin (Questionable)
12/11 B. Cunningham neck (Doubtful)
12/5 J. Cutler torn labrum (IR)
12/4 A. Amos foot (Questionable)
12/4 L. Floyd concussion (Questionable)
12/4 D. Hall ankle (Questionable)
12/4 E. Royal toe (Questionable)
12/4 J. Sitton ankle (Questionable)
12/4 W. Young knee (Questionable)
11/29 D. Trevathan torn patellar tendon (IR)
11/27 L. Floyd concussion (Out)
11/27 J. Cutler right shoulder (Doubtful)
11/27 J. Sitton ankle (Doubtful)
11/27 D. Hall ankle (Questionable)
11/27 C. Jones ankle, back (Questionable)
11/27 E. Royal toe (Questionable)
11/27 M. Unrein back (Questionable)
11/23 Z. Miller broken foot (IR)
11/20 D. Hall ankle (Out)
11/20 B. Massie concussion (Out)
11/20 M. Unrein back (Out)
11/20 B. Callahan hamstring (Questionable)
11/20 E. Goldman ankle (Questionable)
11/20 P. McPhee knee (Questionable)
11/20 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
11/20 E. Royal toe (Questionable)
11/20 J. Sitton ankle (Questionable)
11/20 M. Wilson foot (Questionable)
11/20 W. Young ankle (Questionable)
11/20 M. Wheaton shoulder (Out)
11/19 M. Wheaton shoulder (IR)
11/15 W. Sutton left ankle (IR)
11/15 K. Long right ankle (IR)
11/13 M. Wheaton shoulder (Out)
11/13 D. Hall ankle (Out)
11/13 B. Callahan hamstring (Questionable)
11/13 E. Goldman ankle (Questionable)
11/13 P. McPhee knee (Questionable)
11/13 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
11/13 E. Royal toe (Questionable)
11/13 M. Unrein back (Out)
11/13 D. Sims concussion (Questionable)
11/6 D. Sims concussion (Out)
10/31 D. Hall ankle (Out)
10/31 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
10/31 K. Long triceps (Doubtful)
10/31 E. Royal toe (Doubtful)
10/31 B. Callahan hamstring (Questionable)
10/31 J. Langford ankle (Questionable)
10/31 P. McPhee knee (Questionable)
10/31 C. Meredith shoulder (Questionable)
10/31 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
10/31 J. Sitton ankle (Questionable)
10/31 M. Pruitt knee (Questionable)
10/30 Q. Demps calf (Questionable)
10/23 M. Pruitt knee, ankle (Out)
10/23 M. Wheaton shoulder (Out)
10/23 D. Sims concussion (Out)
10/20 S. Acho ribs (Questionable)
10/20 B. Callahan hamstring (Questionable)
10/20 K. Carey hamstring (Questionable)
10/20 L. Floyd calf (Questionable)
10/20 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
10/20 J. Langford ankle (Doubtful)
10/20 J. Cutler right thumb (Doubtful)
10/20 J. Freeman wrist (Questionable)
10/20 D. Hall ankle (Out)
10/20 Z. Miller ribs (Questionable)
10/20 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
10/20 E. Royal toe (Out)
10/20 J. Sitton ankle (Doubtful)
10/16 M. Wheaton shoulder (Out)
10/16 S. Acho ribs (Questionable)
10/16 B. Callahan hamstring (Questionable)
10/16 K. Carey hamstring (Questionable)
10/16 J. Cutler right thumb (Doubtful)
10/16 L. Floyd calf (Questionable)
10/16 J. Freeman wrist (Questionable)
10/16 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
10/16 D. Hall ankle (Out)
10/16 J. Langford ankle (Doubtful)
10/16 K. Long shoulder (Questionable)
10/16 B. Massie ankle (Questionable)
10/16 Z. Miller ribs (Questionable)
10/16 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
10/16 E. Royal calf (Questionable)
10/16 J. Sitton shoulder (Questionable)
10/16 W. Young knee, elbow (Questionable)
10/16 M. McCants knee (Questionable)
10/16 Q. Demps calf (Out)
10/9 J. Bullard shoulder (Questionable)
10/9 K. Carey hamstring (Questionable)
10/9 J. Cutler right thumb (Doubtful)
10/9 L. Floyd calf (Questionable)
10/9 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
10/9 D. Hall ankle (Doubtful)
10/9 N. Kwiatkoski elbow (Questionable)
10/9 J. Langford ankle (Doubtful)
10/9 C. Leno Jr. illness (Questionable)
10/9 S. McManis hamstring (Questionable)
10/9 Z. Miller ribs (Questionable)
10/9 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
10/9 E. Royal calf (Questionable)
10/9 D. Trevathan thumb (Questionable)
10/9 W. Young knee (Questionable)
10/9 M. McCants knee (Questionable)
10/9 B. Cunningham thigh (Questionable)
10/5 K. White fractured left fibula (IR)
10/2 J. Bullard toe (Questionable)
10/2 K. Carey hamstring (Doubtful)
10/2 J. Cutler right thumb (Doubtful)
10/2 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
10/2 H. Jones-Quartey concussion (Questionable)
10/2 J. Langford ankle (Doubtful)
10/2 S. McManis hamstring (Questionable)
10/2 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
10/2 J. Sitton shoulder (Questionable)
10/2 D. Trevathan thumb (Doubtful)
10/2 W. Young knee (Questionable)
10/2 M. McCants knee (Questionable)
10/2 Q. Demps hamstring (Questionable)
10/2 K. White left ankle (Day-to-Day)
9/29 D. Sims ankle (Questionable)
9/28 K. Fuller knee (IR)
9/25 P. Amukamara hamstring (Questionable)
9/25 A. Amos concussion (Questionable)
9/25 B. Callahan concussion (Questionable)
9/25 K. Carey hamstring (Doubtful)
9/25 J. Cutler right thumb (Doubtful)
9/25 K. Fuller knee (Questionable)
9/25 E. Goldman ankle (Doubtful)
9/25 B. Massie toe (Questionable)
9/25 T. Porter knee (Questionable)
9/25 C. Prosinski calf (Questionable)
9/25 J. Sitton shoulder (Questionable)
9/25 W. Sutton elbow (Questionable)
9/25 D. Trevathan thumb (Out)
9/25 W. Young knee (Questionable)
9/25 M. Pruitt knee (Questionable)
9/25 K. Wright hamstring (Questionable)
9/25 M. McCants knee (Out)
9/25 B. Cunningham knee (Questionable)
9/22 L. Houston torn left ACL (IR)
9/19 K. Fuller knee (Questionable)
9/19 J. Cutler right thumb sprain (Day-to-Day)
9/19 D. Trevathan thumb (Day-to-Day)
9/19 E. Goldman high ankle sprain (Day-to-Day)
9/18 M. Wheaton shoulder (Questionable)
9/18 P. Amukamara hamstring (Out)
9/18 K. Wright hamstring (Out)
9/18 M. McCants knee (Doubtful)
9/18 M. Pruitt knee (Out)
9/12 M. Wheaton shoulder (Out)
9/11 K. Wright hamstring (Out)
9/11 J. Perillo knee (Questionable)
9/11 M. Pruitt knee (Out)
9/11 J. Bellamy shoulder (Questionable)
9/11 D. Bush hamstring (Questionable)
9/11 B. Callahan groin (Questionable)
9/11 K. Fuller knee (Questionable)
9/11 P. Lasike wrist (Questionable)
9/11 K. Long shoulder (Questionable)
9/11 D. Thompson knee, ankle (Questionable)
9/11 K. White hamstring (Questionable)
9/4 E. Ferguson undisclosed (IR)
9/4 D. Mason knee (IR)
8/31 J. Shirley undisclosed (IR)
8/30 H. Grasu torn right ACL (IR)
8/30 C. Shaw broken right leg (IR)
8/11 N. Becton elbow (IR)
8/5 M. Jackson undisclosed (IR)
8/3 B. Boykin undisclosed (IR)
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