NFL Football

New Orleans Saints (9-8)


Date Player Status
1/9 T. Armstead knee (Out)
1/9 M. Davenport ankle (Questionable)
1/9 B. Roby shoulder (Out)
1/9 P. Williams ankle (Out)
1/9 R. Ramczyk knee (Questionable)
1/9 M. Ingram II knee (Questionable)
1/2 T. Armstead knee (Questionable)
1/2 T. Smith chest (Out)
1/2 T. Montgomery back (Questionable)
1/2 M. Ingram II knee (Questionable)
1/2 B. Roby shoulder (Questionable)
1/2 C. Granderson illness (Questionable)
1/2 L. Humphrey illness (Questionable)
1/2 E. McCoy illness (Questionable)
1/2 M. Williams illness (Questionable)
12/27 T. Armstead knee (Questionable)
12/27 M. Davenport shoulder, knee (Questionable)
12/27 T. Smith shoulder (Questionable)
12/19 R. Ramczyk knee (Out)
12/19 T. Armstead knee (Out)
12/19 K. Elliss hamstring (Questionable)
12/19 L. Humphrey hamstring (Questionable)
12/18 G. Griffin hamstring (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
12/12 R. Ramczyk knee (Out)
12/12 P. Werner elbow (Out)
12/12 K. Elliss hamstring (Out)
12/12 L. Humphrey hamstring (Questionable)
12/2 K. Elliss hamstring (Out)
12/2 M. Davenport shoulder (Out)
12/2 T. Armstead knee (Questionable)
12/2 A. Kamara knee (Questionable)
12/2 R. Ramczyk knee (Questionable)
12/2 T. Kpassagnon ankle (IR)
11/25 A. Kamara knee (Out)
11/25 R. Ramczyk knee (Out)
11/25 M. Davenport shoulder (Out)
11/25 T. Kpassagnon ankle (Out)
11/25 M. Ingram II knee (Questionable)
11/25 T. Armstead knee, shoulder (Questionable)
11/23 A. Trautman sprained MCL (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
11/23 L. Young foot (IR)
11/21 T. Montgomery hand (Out)
11/21 T. Hill foot (Questionable)
11/21 T. Armstead knee, shoulder (Out)
11/21 R. Ramczyk knee (Out)
11/21 T. Kpassagnon ankle (Out)
11/21 A. Kamara knee (Out)
11/20 M. Roach knee (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
11/14 T. Armstead knee, shoulder (Out)
11/14 A. Kamara knee (Out)
11/14 C. Granderson shoulder (Questionable)
11/14 T. Montgomery hamstring (Questionable)
11/13 C. Gardner-Johnson foot (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
11/11 P. Turner shoulder (IR)
11/7 C. Granderson shoulder (Out)
11/7 T. Montgomery hamstring (Out)
11/7 M. Jenkins knee (Questionable)
11/7 P. Turner calf (Questionable)
11/6 J. Winston torn left ACL, MCL (IR)
10/31 D. Washington neck (Out)
10/31 T. Hill head (Out)
10/31 D. Harris hamstring (Questionable)
10/31 P. Turner calf (Out)
10/30 A. Peat torn pectoral muscle (IR)
10/25 D. Washington neck (Out)
10/25 D. Harris hamstring (Out)
10/25 P. Turner calf (Out)
10/25 T. Hill head (Out)
10/10 E. McCoy calf (Out)
10/10 T. Armstead elbow (Out)
10/6 T. Jones Jr. right ankle sprain (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/3 E. McCoy calf (Out)
10/3 T. Armstead elbow (Out)
9/26 E. McCoy calf (Out)
9/19 T. Kpassagnon calf (Questionable)
9/19 M. Lattimore hand (Questionable)
9/19 E. McCoy calf (Out)
9/19 P. Werner hamstring (Out)
9/19 P. Williams back (Questionable)
9/19 C. Gardner-Johnson knee (Questionable)
9/18 C. Hansen groin (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/17 K. Alexander elbow (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/17 M. Davenport shoulder (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/12 J. Hurst knee (Questionable)
9/10 K. Crawley hamstring (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/10 T. Smith hamstring (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/6 N. Vannett right leg (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/6 W. Clapp undisclosed (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/6 W. Lutz core muscle (IR)
8/27 B. Thompson undisclosed (IR)
8/25 M. Willoughby undisclosed (IR)
8/24 J. Dalton torn triceps (IR)
8/24 E. Greenidge undisclosed (IR)
8/23 C. Parkey quadriceps (IR)
8/23 F. Lamp undisclosed (IR)
8/19 A. Alexander undisclosed (IR)
8/19 M. Brown undisclosed (IR)
8/17 B. Maher undisclosed (IR)
8/16 K. Murphy undisclosed (IR)
8/13 Q. Poling undisclosed (IR)
8/12 J. McCleskey hamstring (IR)
8/4 K. Washington II wrist (IR)
8/2 D. Soehner undisclosed (IR)
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