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Minnesota Vikings (7-9)


Date Player Status
12/28 A. Barr knee (Out)
12/28 J. Wright back (Questionable)
12/28 M. Asiata foot (Probable)
12/28 R. Blanton ankle (Probable)
12/28 A. Exum Jr. knee (Probable)
12/28 S. Floyd knee (Probable)
12/28 C. Ford foot (Probable)
12/28 M. Harris foot (Probable)
12/28 G. Jennings hamstring (Probable)
12/28 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
12/28 A. Sendejo thumb (Probable)
12/27 A. Barr knee (IR)
12/21 A. Barr knee (Out)
12/21 C. Johnson ankle (Out)
12/21 K. Rudolph ankle, knee (Doubtful)
12/21 R. Blanton ankle, knee (Questionable)
12/21 M. Asiata foot (Probable)
12/21 S. Floyd knee (Probable)
12/21 C. Greenway not injury related (Probable)
12/21 G. Jennings hamstring (Probable)
12/21 L. Joseph illness (Probable)
12/21 C. Loeffler illness (Probable)
12/21 X. Rhodes wrist (Probable)
12/21 B. Robison ankle (Probable)
12/21 A. Sendejo thumb (Probable)
12/14 R. Blanton ankle, knee (Out)
12/14 C. Johnson ankle (Out)
12/14 J. Felton neck (Probable)
12/14 S. Floyd knee (Out)
12/14 A. Barr knee (Out)
12/14 H. Smith shoulder (Probable)
12/14 E. Griffen low back (Probable)
12/14 J. Price hamstring (Probable)
12/14 C. Patterson hamstring (Questionable)
12/10 M. Mauti undisclosed (IR)
12/7 J. McKinnon low back (Out)
12/7 A. Barr knee (Doubtful)
12/7 J. Price hamstring (Doubtful)
12/7 R. Ellison ankle (Probable)
12/7 S. Floyd knee (Probable)
12/7 C. Ford hamstring, foot (Probable)
12/7 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Probable)
12/6 J. McKinnon low back (IR)
11/30 J. McKinnon low back (Doubtful)
11/30 C. Ford hamstring, foot (Questionable)
11/30 S. Floyd knee (Questionable)
11/30 H. Smith shoulder, ankle (Probable)
11/30 C. Patterson knee (Probable)
11/30 M. Asiata concussion (Probable)
11/30 M. Kalil knee (Probable)
11/30 A. Barr knee (Probable)
11/30 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Probable)
11/30 J. Wright hamstring (Probable)
11/30 G. Jennings rib (Probable)
11/30 M. Harris ankle (Probable)
11/26 P. Loadholt torn pectoral muscle (IR)
11/24 P. Loadholt torn pectoral muscle (Day-to-Day)
11/23 M. Asiata concussion (Out)
11/23 G. Jennings rib (Questionable)
11/23 S. Floyd knee (Questionable)
11/23 M. Kalil knee (Questionable)
11/23 J. Wright hamstring (Questionable)
11/23 J. McKinnon low back (Probable)
11/23 M. Harris ankle (Probable)
11/23 A. Barr knee (Probable)
11/23 X. Rhodes ankle (Probable)
11/23 E. Griffen neck (Probable)
11/23 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Probable)
11/23 S. Crichton hip (Probable)
11/23 C. Munnerlyn not injury related (Probable)
11/16 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Probable)
11/16 C. Ford foot (Probable)
11/16 M. Harris ankle (Questionable)
11/16 S. Crichton hip (Questionable)
11/16 J. McKinnon low back (Probable)
11/2 B. Robison glute (Probable)
11/2 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
11/2 J. Price hamstring (Questionable)
11/2 J. Robinson ankle (Probable)
11/2 S. Floyd ankle, knee (Probable)
11/2 G. Hodges hamstring (Probable)
11/2 A. Exum Jr. ankle, shoulder (Probable)
11/2 C. Ford foot (Probable)
10/26 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
10/26 G. Hodges hamstring (Doubtful)
10/26 J. Sullivan concussion (Probable)
10/26 A. Exum Jr. ankle (Questionable)
10/26 J. Robinson ankle (Questionable)
10/26 V. Ducasse knee (Questionable)
10/26 C. Wootton back (Probable)
10/26 S. Floyd ankle (Probable)
10/26 J. Price hamstring (Probable)
10/26 H. Smith ankle (Probable)
10/26 C. Ford foot (Probable)
10/19 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
10/19 G. Hodges hamstring (Out)
10/19 C. Wootton back (Out)
10/19 C. Greenway hand, rib (Questionable)
10/19 S. Floyd elbow, ankle (Questionable)
10/19 J. Price hamstring (Probable)
10/19 L. Joseph ankle (Probable)
10/19 C. Patterson hip (Probable)
10/19 C. Ford foot (Probable)
10/19 H. Smith ankle (Probable)
10/19 M. Mauti illness (Probable)
10/12 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
10/12 C. Greenway hand, rib (Doubtful)
10/12 H. Smith ankle (Questionable)
10/12 C. Patterson hip (Probable)
10/12 S. Floyd elbow (Probable)
10/12 T. Bridgewater ankle (Probable)
10/12 J. McKinnon ankle (Probable)
10/12 M. Mauti foot (Probable)
10/12 M. Asiata groin (Probable)
10/2 T. Bridgewater ankle (Questionable)
10/2 J. Felton knee (Probable)
10/2 C. Greenway hand, rib (Out)
10/2 M. Mauti foot (Probable)
10/2 J. McKinnon ankle (Probable)
10/2 C. Munnerlyn illness (Probable)
10/2 J. Robinson hamstring (Probable)
10/2 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
10/2 R. Smith hamstring (Probable)
10/2 B. Watts knee (Probable)
10/2 C. Patterson hip (Day-to-Day)
9/28 K. Rudolph abdomen, groin (Out)
9/28 C. Greenway hand, rib (Out)
9/28 J. Robinson hamstring (Questionable)
9/28 L. Joseph shoulder (Probable)
9/28 H. Smith knee (Probable)
9/28 B. Watts knee (Probable)
9/28 S. Floyd shoulder (Probable)
9/28 M. Mauti foot (Probable)
9/28 R. Smith hamstring (Probable)
9/28 T. Bridgewater ankle (Day-to-Day)
9/24 M. Cassel broken left foot (IR)
9/24 B. Fusco torn pectoral (IR)
9/21 S. Floyd shoulder (Questionable)
9/21 C. Greenway hand, rib (Questionable)
9/21 P. Loadholt ankle (Probable)
9/21 M. Mauti foot (Probable)
9/21 C. Patterson chest (Probable)
9/21 X. Rhodes groin (Probable)
9/21 K. Rudolph abdomen (Probable)
9/21 R. Smith hamstring (Probable)
9/21 B. Watts knee (Questionable)
9/21 M. Cassel toe (Day-to-Day)
9/14 B. Watts knee (Out)
9/14 X. Rhodes groin (Questionable)
9/14 R. Smith hamstring (Questionable)
9/14 S. Floyd shoulder (Questionable)
9/14 M. Harris shoulder (Probable)
9/14 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/14 Z. Line ankle (Probable)
9/14 M. Mauti foot (Probable)
9/14 J. Price hamstring (Probable)
9/14 A. Peterson not injury related (Out)
9/7 E. Griffen illness (Questionable)
9/7 M. Harris shoulder (Questionable)
9/7 Z. Line ankle (Out)
9/7 M. Mauti foot (Out)
9/7 J. Price shoulder (Probable)
9/7 R. Smith neck (Probable)
9/7 B. Watts knee (Out)
8/30 A. Richardson undisclosed (IR)
8/30 J. Sanford quadriceps (IR)
8/19 D. DeCicco undisclosed (IR)
6/13 L. Jean undisclosed (IR)
5/14 J. Samuda ankle (IR)
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