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TITLE TEAMS: France v Switzerland
Sunday, June 19, 2016
HT: 0-0
Grand Stade Lille Metropole (Attendance: 45,616)
Referee: Damir Skomina
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Switzerland vs. France
Minute Commentary
90' Sign Off
Thanks for tuning in for our continued coverage of the UEFA Euro 2016! Please join us again tomorrow when Group B wraps up play as Russia takes on Wales and Slovakia takes on England. Have a wonderful night!
90' Postgame Analysis
While this game lacked in goals, it made up for in excitement with numerous scoring chances for both Switzerland and France. Les Bleus had the best opportunities to find the back of the net, but Switzerland was able to control play for most of the game after the 30th minute. Switzerland’s appeals for a penalty in the closing moments of this game appear to be warranted as Sagna’s shirt tug seems to have denied a clear goal scoring opportunity. As previously mentioned, both teams will be happy with this result as each have earned a spot in the knockout rounds of this year’s Euro with France earning the top spot.
The final whistle has blown and this game ends in a scoreless draw!
90' Potential Penalty?
Michael Lang sends an outswinging cross into the box! Blerim Dzemaili appears to be brought down in front of net by Bacary Sagna's shirt tug, but the referee sees no issue and allows play to continue. Appeals for a penalty come from the Swiss, but to no avail.
90' Stoppage Time
The fourth official has indicated that we will only play two extra minutes of stoppage time!
88' Payet Free Kick
Dimitri Payet sends a right footed attempt toward net from a free kick in a dangerous position. Payet’s shot drills his teammate Sissoko in the side and rolls out of bounds for a goal kick. For once it appears Payet has returned back to earth during this tournament.
86' Final Swiss Sub
Switzerland use their final substitution as they bring on Michael Lang for Admir Mehmedi.
83' Koscielny Yellow
A reckless challenge from Koscielny leads to him earning a yellow card. The defender built up too much speed as he went into Stephan Lichtsteiner and the two violently crashed together. No question about the booking, Koscielny needed to be cautioned.
80' Payet Volley pt. 2
Payet slices another attempt on net off of a volley from the top of the box! The ball fell to his feet after a failed clearance, but the West Ham man's volley flew high and wide of the net.
75' PAYET!!
Dimitri Payet rifles a volley on net following a beautiful cross from Sagna! Payet’s drive hits the underside of the bar and bounces back into play. That was an incredible attempt on net from Payet and truly unlucky that it did not go in. There was so much power behind that shot that the frame and net shook violently. What a strike!
75' Embolo Off
Haris Seferovic comes on for Breel Embolo. This must be an attempt to freshen up the attack as Embolo has had a very successful night.
72' Slow Down
Both sides have failed to produce any serious chances in the previous five minutes of play. Switzerland have held possession for much of that time, however France has showed that they perform better late in the match as they have scored most of their goals in the waning minutes of play.
67' Playing Surface Issues
The playing surface has claimed another victim as Sagna tries to whip a cross into the box, however his foot slips on the pitch and he falls down in a heap. Several players have had the same issue throughout the course of tonight's match.
64' Shaqiri Corner Attempt
Xherdan Shaqiri sends in a corner kick from the right flag. It appears that he caught Hugo Lloris off his line and attempted to put the ball in himself from the corner, however the ball skims the top netting giving France a goal kick.
63' Payet On!
The crowd gives a thunderous cheer as Kingsley Coman makes way for Dimitri Payet! What will the West Ham man be able to do?
57' Griezmann Shot
Absolutely lovely dribbling from Paul Pogba leads to a brilliant one-two pass between Gignac and Griezmann at the top of the Swiss box. Griezmann receives the pass back and fires one on net! The high drive is ticketed for the far corner, but Yann Sommer is able to punch the ball out for a corner.
53' Gignac Goes For Goal!
Andre-Pierre Gignac sends the ball on target from the edge of the Swiss box! The right footed shot makes its way through the traffic, but Yann Sommer is in perfect position to smother the low drive.
52' Swiss Corner
Ricardo Rodriguez sends in a corner kick from the left flag, however his cross fails to achieve maximum height and is cleared by the French defenders at the near post.
50' Payet Warming Up
Dimitri Payet, unquestionably France's savior in the 2016 Euros, is warming up on the sidelines. If and when he comes on, what will his impact be on Les Bleus squad tonight?
47' Koscielny Clearance
Breel Embolo kicks the half off early with a dangerous cut back cross in the French box! Laurent Koscielny finds himself in the perfect position at the near post to deflect the ball away from danger.
46' Underway!
We are back in Lille! The teams have switched sides and now Switzerland defend the right end of the pitch.
45' Second Half Close
The players are making their way back onto the pitch! We are just moments away from the kickoff of the second half.
45' Halftime Analysis
Both teams would be content with this result, however that does not mean these countries are sitting back in hopes of a 0-0 draw. France could have easily scored two or three goals in the early moments of this match, most of the opportunities coming from or involving Paul Pogba in one way or another. The Swiss had their fair share of chances too and hold a slight edge in possession at 56%. Switzerland must look for Shaqiri to provide chances in the second half, specifically employing Dzemaili’s efforts as the Genoa man has seemed to find space up top in between and behind the French back line.
45' Halftime!
The whistle is blown to end an action packed first half of play in Lille!
45' Dzemaili Off Target Again
Blerim Dzemaili takes an optimistic shot at Lloris’ net from well outside the box. The right footed attempt comes no where close to its target and flies well above and wide of the net.
42' Sommer...or Neuer?
Yann Sommer makes a Neuer-like clearance as the keeper charges several yards outside of his box to thwart an attack coming from a beautifully placed through pass.
38' New Jerseys: 2
You cannot deny that this game is getting physical! The Swiss have been forced to replace two jerseys already in this match after some intense pushing and pulling on the field that has led to rips and tears.
35' France Pressure and Corner Kicks
The French continue to threaten the Swiss with increased pressure around the box and are earning countless corner kicks. While France has had chances, they have failed to look treatening off of a corner kick as each one has been turned away by the Swiss defense.
29' Embolo Give and Go
Some lovely give and go passing from Blerim Dzemaili and Breel Embolo lead to a chance for Switzerland in the box. Embolo attempts to put a shot on goal, however the shot is block and dribbles out for a corner kick.
26' Rami Shown Yellow
Adil Rami has been shown a yellow card for his dangerous challenge on Mehmedi. The foul occurred during the scramble following yet another French corner kick.
24' Corners After Corners
Corner after corner for France! Antoine Griezmann has sent three consecutive crosses from corner kicks into the box, each one dealt with by the Swiss defenders.
21' Counter Attack vs. Counter Attack
This game is beginning to open up on both ends. Pogba sends in a cross that is able to meet Andre-Pierre Gignac's head, however the attempt is mishit and falls wide of the net. The Swiss immediately respond with a quickly developing counter attack that ends with a high drive from Admir Mehmedi that flies out over the net.
18' Pogba Punishes The Woodwork
Paul Pogba thumps a blasted left footed effort from outside the box the rings the crossbar! The Frenchman appears to be playing to the ability we all know he can, but has not been able to find so far in this tournament.
16' Dzemaili Shot!
Blerim Dzemaili attempts a long range shot on Hugo Lloris, but the shot is immediately blocked by Laurent Koscielny.The looping ball is acrobatically kept in bounds by Lloris to prevent another Swiss corner.
12' Pogba Plays on Both Ends
Paul Pogba makes up for his early flubbed clearance with a terrific inswinging shot on target from outside the box! Yann Sommer tracks it down to make a spectacular save giving France a corner kick.
9' Near Own Goal!
Xherdan Shaqiri whips in a cross from the corner flag! The ball bounces in the box and Paul Pogba almost mistakenly puts the ball in his own net, however Lloris is able to deny the early own goal. What a start for Switzerland!
6' Apologies
Apologies for the delay folks, but we are underway in Lille! France are attacking from right to left in their classic white tops and dark blue shorts. Conversely, Switzerland are in their red and white kits.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Yann Sommer1
Stephan Lichtsteiner2
Fabian Schar22
Johan Djourou20
Ricardo Rodríguez13
Valon Behrami11
Granit Xhaka10
79' Xherdan Shaqiri23
Blerim Dzemaili15
86' Admir Mehmedi18
74' Breel Embolo7
Roman Burki21
Marwin Hitz12
86' Michael Lang6
Steve Von Bergen5
François Moubandje3
Nico Elvedi4
79' Gelson Fernandes16
Fabian Frei8
Denis Zakaria14
74' Haris Seferovic9
Eren Derdiyok19
Shani Tarashaj17
1Hugo Lloris
19Bacary Sagna
4Adil Rami 25'
21Laurent Koscielny 83'
3Patrice Evra
18Moussa Sissoko
6Yohan Cabaye
15Paul Pogba
20Kingsley Coman 63'
10Andre-Pierre Gignac
7Antoine Griezmann 77'
23Benoit Costil
16Steve Mandanda
2Christophe Jallet
13Eliaquim Mangala
17Lucas Digne
22Samuel Umtiti
8Dimitri Payet 63'
14Blaise Matuidi 77'
12Morgan Schneiderlin
5N'Golo Kante
9Olivier Giroud
11Anthony Martial
Vladimir Petkovic 
Didier Deschamps 
1Yann Sommer
2Stephan Lichtsteiner
22Fabian Schar
20Johan Djourou
13Ricardo Rodríguez
11Valon Behrami
10Granit Xhaka
23Xherdan Shaqiri
Substitution Gelson Fernandes (on) 79'
15Blerim Dzemaili
18Admir Mehmedi
Substitution Michael Lang (on) 86'
7Breel Embolo
Substitution Haris Seferovic (on) 74'
21Roman Burki
12Marwin Hitz
6Michael Lang
Substitution Michael Lang (on) 86'
5Steve Von Bergen
3François Moubandje
4Nico Elvedi
16Gelson Fernandes
Substitution Gelson Fernandes (on) 79'
8Fabian Frei
14Denis Zakaria
9Haris Seferovic
Substitution Haris Seferovic (on) 74'
19Eren Derdiyok
17Shani Tarashaj
Vladimir Petkovic 
1Hugo Lloris
19Bacary Sagna
4Adil Rami
Yellow Card 25'
21Laurent Koscielny
Yellow Card 83'
3Patrice Evra
18Moussa Sissoko
6Yohan Cabaye
15Paul Pogba
20Kingsley Coman
Substitution Dimitri Payet (on) 63'
10Andre-Pierre Gignac
7Antoine Griezmann
Substitution Blaise Matuidi (on) 77'
23Benoit Costil
16Steve Mandanda
2Christophe Jallet
13Eliaquim Mangala
17Lucas Digne
22Samuel Umtiti
8Dimitri Payet
Substitution Kingsley Coman (off) 63'
14Blaise Matuidi
Substitution Antoine Griezmann (off) 77'
12Morgan Schneiderlin
5N'Golo Kante
9Olivier Giroud
11Anthony Martial
Didier Deschamps 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
SwitzerlandSUI FranceFRA
0 Goals 0
0 Assists 0
6 Shots 13
0 Shots on Goal 4
4 Saves 0
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
24 Crosses 27
5 Corner Kicks 10
464 Passes 309
4 Offside 0
8 Fouls Committed 10
0 Cautions/Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
57% Ball Possession 43%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Y. Sommer 90 - 0 0 0 4
2S. Lichtsteiner 90 0 0 0 - -
7B. Embolo 74 0 0 0 - -
10G. Xhaka 90 0 0 0 - -
11V. Behrami 90 0 0 0 - -
13R. Rodríguez 90 0 0 0 - -
15B. Dzemaili 90 0 0 0 - -
18A. Mehmedi 86 0 0 0 - -
20J. Djourou 90 0 0 0 - -
22F. Schär 90 0 0 0 - -
23X. Shaqiri 79 0 0 0 - -
6M. Lang 4 0 0 0 - -
9H. Seferovic 16 0 0 0 - -
16G. Fernandes 11 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1H. Lloris 90 - 0 0 0 0
3Patrice Evra 90 0 0 0 - -
4A. Rami 90 0 1 0 - -
6Yohan Cabaye 90 0 0 0 - -
7A. Griezmann 77 0 0 0 - -
10Andre-Pierre Gignac 90 0 0 0 - -
15P. Pogba 90 0 0 0 - -
18Moussa Sissoko 90 0 0 0 - -
19Bacary Sagna 90 0 0 0 - -
20Kingsley Coman 63 0 0 0 - -
21L. Koscielny 90 0 1 0 - -
8D. Payet 27 0 0 0 - -
14B. Matuidi 13 0 0 0 - -
SwitzerlandSUI vs. FranceFRA
Minute Event
90+3' Game Over Switzerland 0-0 France
90+3' Half Over Switzerland 0-0 France
90+3' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
90+2' Cross Michael Lang (Switzerland) - Directly Out
90+1' Throw-In Michael Lang (Switzerland)
90' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
89' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
89' Throw-In Michael Lang (Switzerland)
88' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
88' Shot Dimitri Payet (France)
88' Free Kick Dimitri Payet (France)
87' Foul Fabian Schar (Switzerland)
86' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
86' Substitution Michael Lang (on). Mehmedi (off). (Switzerland)
85' Offside Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
85' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
85' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
83' Cross Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
83' Free Kick Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
83' Yellow Card Laurent Koscielny (France)
82' Foul Lichtsteiner fouled by Laurent Koscielny (France)
81' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
81' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
80' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
80' Shot Dimitri Payet (France)
80' Free Kick Adil Rami (France)
79' Substitution Gelson Fernandes (on). Shaqiri (off). (Switzerland)
79' Foul Rami fouled by Haris Seferovic (Switzerland)
79' Cross Andre-Pierre Gignac (France) - Defended
77' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
77' Substitution Blaise Matuidi (on). Griezmann (off). (France)
77' Cross Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Blocked
75' Shot Dimitri Payet (France)
75' Cross Moussa Sissoko (France) - Off Target
75' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
75' Free Kick Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
74' Foul Dzemaili fouled by Yohan Cabaye (France)
74' Free Kick Adil Rami (France)
74' Substitution Haris Seferovic (on). Embolo (off). (Switzerland)
74' Foul Rami fouled by Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland)
71' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
71' Cross Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland) - Blocked
71' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
70' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
69' Throw-In Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland)
68' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
68' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
68' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
67' Cross Moussa Sissoko (France) - Blocked
67' Throw-In Moussa Sissoko (France)
67' Cross Bacary Sagna (France) - Clearance Out of Play
66' Cross Dimitri Payet (France) - Headed Out - In Play
66' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
66' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
64' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
64' Cross Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Directly Out
64' Corner Kick Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Directly Out
64' Cross Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland) - Blocked
64' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
63' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
63' Substitution Dimitri Payet (on). Coman (off). (France)
62' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
61' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
61' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
60' Free Kick Yohan Cabaye (France)
60' Foul Pogba fouled by Breel Embolo (Switzerland)
59' Free Kick Fabian Schar (Switzerland)
58' Foul Mehmedi fouled by Moussa Sissoko (France)
58' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
58' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
57' Shot on Goal Antoine Griezmann (France)
56' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
53' Shot on Goal Andre-Pierre Gignac (France)
52' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
52' Offside Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
51' Cross Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Corner Kick Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Cross Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland) - Blocked
50' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
49' Cross Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
49' Corner Kick Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
48' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
48' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
47' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
47' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
47' Cross Breel Embolo (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
46' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
46' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Switzerland 0-0 France
45+1' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
45+1' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
45' Shot Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
45' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
44' Shot Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
43' Cross Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland) - Completed Pass
43' Free Kick Valon Behrami (Switzerland)
42' Foul Embolo fouled by Yohan Cabaye (France)
41' Free Kick Adil Rami (France)
41' Foul Coman fouled by Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
40' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Headed Out - In Play
39' Cross Breel Embolo (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
39' Free Kick Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
39' Foul Behrami fouled by Paul Pogba (France)
39' Free Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
38' Foul Mehmedi fouled by Kingsley Coman (France)
38' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
37' Shot Antoine Griezmann (France)
37' Cross Kingsley Coman (France) - Off Target
36' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Clearance In Play
36' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Clearance In Play
35' Cross Patrice Evra (France) - Blocked
35' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
35' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
35' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
34' Cross Bacary Sagna (France) - Blocked
34' Free Kick Adil Rami (France)
34' Foul Coman fouled by Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
34' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
33' Foul Coman fouled by Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland)
33' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
31' Cross Paul Pogba (France) - Clearance In Play
31' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
31' Cross Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
30' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
30' Cross Kingsley Coman (France) - Directly Out
30' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
29' Cross Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
29' Corner Kick Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
29' Shot Breel Embolo (Switzerland)
29' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Completed Pass
29' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
28' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
27' Foul Coman fouled by Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
27' Free Kick Granit Xhaka (Switzerland)
27' Foul Behrami fouled by Paul Pogba (France)
27' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
26' Free Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
25' Yellow Card Adil Rami (France)
25' Foul Mehmedi fouled by Adil Rami (France)
25' Shot Laurent Koscielny (France)
25' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Off Target
25' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Off Target
25' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - Out of Play
25' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - Out of Play
24' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - Out of Play
24' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - Out of Play
23' Cross Yohan Cabaye (France)
23' Cross Yohan Cabaye (France) - Headed Out - In Play
23' Corner Kick Yohan Cabaye (France) - Headed Out - In Play
22' Shot Yohan Cabaye (France)
22' Cross Kingsley Coman (France) - Completed Pass
22' Cross Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Clearance In Play
22' Free Kick Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
21' Foul Embolo fouled by Adil Rami (France)
21' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
21' Shot Admir Mehmedi (Switzerland)
20' Shot Andre-Pierre Gignac (France)
20' Cross Paul Pogba (France) - Off Target
19' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
18' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
17' Shot Paul Pogba (France)
17' Shot on Goal Andre-Pierre Gignac (France)
17' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - On Target
16' Free Kick Fabian Schar (Switzerland)
16' Foul Behrami fouled by Antoine Griezmann (France)
16' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
15' Shot Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
14' Cross Patrice Evra (France) - Completed Pass
14' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
14' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France)
14' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France)
13' Shot on Goal Paul Pogba (France)
13' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
12' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
12' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
12' Shot on Goal Paul Pogba (France)
11' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
10' Throw-In Patrice Evra (France)
10' Cross Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland) - Directly Out
9' Free Kick Adil Rami (France)
8' Offside Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
8' Shot Fabian Schar (Switzerland)
8' Cross Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Off Target
8' Corner Kick Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland) - Off Target
8' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Clearance Out of Play
8' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
7' Throw-In Ricardo Rodríguez (Switzerland)
6' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
6' Foul Koscielny fouled by Blerim Dzemaili (Switzerland)
5' Cross Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland) - Blocked
5' Goal Kick Yann Sommer (Switzerland)
4' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
4' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
3' Offside Breel Embolo (Switzerland)
3' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
3' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
2' Shot Paul Pogba (France)
2' Throw-In Bacary Sagna (France)
2' Cross Moussa Sissoko (France) - Blocked
1' Throw-In Stephan Lichtsteiner (Switzerland)
1' Start Half
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