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TITLE TEAMS: Russia v England
Saturday, June 11, 2016
E. Dier  73' 1-0 
 1-1V. Berezutskiy  90+2'
ENGE. Dier  73' 1-0
RUSV. Berezutskiy  90+2' 1-1
HT: 0-0
Stade Velodrome (Attendance: 62,343)
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli
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England vs. Russia
Minute Commentary
90' Closing Thoughts
England continues its streak of failing to win their group stage opener at the EURO. It is now 8 straight competitions where they have either settled for a draw or lost in the first match. They were just moments away from closing that book and starting a new chapter. Now, they have to reflect on a collapse in stoppage time that leaves them with just one point in the standings. Despite being dominated in the stat lines and possession, Russia walk away with a draw. The day has come to a close in France with three compelling matches delivering their own amazing storylines. EURO 2016 has plenty left in store for us all. Cheers.
90' Group B Standings
After the first matchday in Group B, it is Wales sitting atop the table by virtue of their 2-1 victory over Slovakia earlier today. England and Russia are tied for second because of their 1-1 draw. Slovakia is last in the group after losing to Wales.
90' What's Next for Russia
Russia will have one less day of rest than their opponents from tonight's match. They will resume play on Wednesday afternoon in Lille, when they face Slovakia. It will be the ninth time both nations have met on the pitch. Russia will conclude play in Group B on June 20th, when they oppose Wales in Toulouse. It will be just the third meeting between both nations.
90' What's Next for England
The Three Lions will travel to Lens for their next group stage match. It will be a juicy one on Thursday afternoon, when England takes on fellow United Kingdom nation, Wales. It will be the first time they have met since September 6, 2011 when they were in the same qualifying group for EURO 2012. Wales has not defeated England since a friendly back in 1984, thus making this a highly-anticipated matchup within Group B. England will close out Group B on June 20th when they face Slovakia in Saint-Etienne.
The final whistle has blown in Marseille. England thought they had the match won, but a stoppage time equalizer off the header of Vasily Berezutskiy snatches the 3 points away. A disappointing finish for England who dominated the match for the majority. Instead, they leave with a draw and just one point. The final score from the Velodrome: England 1, Russia 1.
90' GOAL - Russia
Russia gets the equalizer! Vasily Berezutskiy heads in the goal off a cross from Georgy Schennikov. Denis Glushakov tried to cherry pick the goal, but it appears that the ball had already crossed the line before he touched it. Utter insanity in Marseille as England sees its lead slip away in stoppage time.
90' Late Russian Corner
Chris Smalling clears away an Alexander Kokorin cross from danger, heading it out. It leads to another corner from Russia. Kokorin takes it from the near side, but it's headed away by Jack Wilshere.
90' Added Time
The fourth official has indicated that there will be a minimum of 3 minutes added on to the end of the second half.
87' Substitution - England
A late change for the Three Lions as they try to ensure the victory. James Milner comes on to replace Raheem Sterling.
85' Substitution - Russia
Final change for Russia in this match. Pavel Mamaev enters to replace Fedor Smolov.
84' Another Free Kick
Denis Glushakov comes racing in and stumbles into the back of Harry Kane, leading to a free kick for England. After giving way on the last free kick, Kane takes it for sure this time from about 30 yards out. Kane hits the top of the ball, but his shot rises and keeps going over the crossbar.
82' Cheeky Run
Jack Wilshere looked sharp with a cutting run into the 18-yard box. However, Wilshere tried a quick 1-2 pass with Harry Kane. Little did either man know, but Kane was offside at the time of the quick pass.
80' Substitution - Russia
One more change for the Russians. Roman Neustadter comes off and is replaced by Denis Glushakov.
79' Lallana Goes Wide
Adam Lallana is eager to add to the England lead. He keeps his head down, keeping his eyes on the ball, before looking up and blasting a shot. His attempt, however, misses high and wide to the right.
78' Substitution - England
Roy Hodgson will also make a change. He elects to take off his captain, Wayne Rooney. Coming on to replace him in the midfield is Jack Wilshere. Rooney hands off the captain's armband to Gary Cahill.
77' Substitution - Russia
Leonid Slutskiy makes his first change of the match as Roman Shirokov comes on to replace Aleksandr Golovin.
77' Kane Denied
Harry Kane tries to make it a 2-0 lead for England, but Vasily Berezutskiy gets in the way of the shot. The balls rolls out of play and out for an England throw-in.
73' GOAL - England
After some misdirection on who would take the free kick, it is Eric Dier who takes it. Dier hits it perfectly with his right boot, aiming at the top left of the goal. He strikes it with complete execution and the ball hits the back of the net. The England supporters at the Velodrome erupt in a roar as the Three Lions take the lead in the second half.
72' Yellow Card - Russia
Georgy Schennikov comes in and denies Dele Alli a chance at goal. The foul is worthy of a yellow card for Schennikov and sets up a perfect free kick opporunity for England.
71' Insane Save
Wayne Rooney nearly put England ahead in the match. Rooney had an opening from 15 yards away from goal. Rooney's low-driving shot is saved by a diving Igor Akinfeev. Akinfeev's save deflects off the crossbar and back into play. Adam Lallana was there to try to put it back in, but he also hits the woodwork. However, Lallana was ruled offside on that play.
70' Free Kick from Near Side
Raheem Sterling tries to prevent Igor Smolnikov from moving forward in the Russian attack. It leads to a free kick along the near side, taken by Oleg Shatov. Shatov plays it short, but it ends with a low ball into the box intercepted by Joe Hart.
67' Trying Again
Unable to cross the ball in from the left wing, England tries other methods to get the ball forward. They first try on the right wing with a cross by Kyle Walker, which gets cleared away. Then, from long distance, Wayne Rooney delivers a long ball that is unable to reach any teammates ahead of Igor Akinfeev's interception.
65' Crosses Headed Out
England tries twice over the last minute to cross it into the 18-yard box from the left. Raheem Sterling was the first man to attempt it, but sees it headed out for a throw-in. On the restart, Wayne Rooney delivers a cross, but is unable to reach any teammates.
63' Just Wide
Russia almost broke through the scoreless contest by way of a Fedor Smolov shot. Smolov tried to direct his shot to the right post off of his right foot. However, his direction went too far to the right and missed the target. Joe Hart made a diving sprawl to ensure the clean sheet.
62' Yellow Card - England
Gary Cahill is the first player booked in this match. Cahill came in from behind on Artem Dzyuba, forcing referee Nicola Rizzoli to brandish the England center back with the yellow card.
61' Shot off a Russian Corner
Oleg Shatov takes another corner kick from the near side. This time, he's able to connect with the head of Vasily Berezutskiy. However, the Russian defender is unable to directed on goal, missing it wide to the left.
59' First Corners
After an Alexander Kokorin shot was blocked out of play, Russia earns its first corner kick of the match. Oleg Shatov takes the corner on the near side. His outswinging cross accidentally meets the head of Eric Dier, who almost headed it into his own net. On the next corner, Aleksandr Golovin is able to take a shot with his left foot that just misses wide to the left.
58' End-to-End Play
Both Russia and England have had chances to attack, but see their opportunities dwindle away like the dying flame of a candle.
55' Rooney Free Kick
Following a foul by Sergey Ignashevich on Harry Kane, England has a free kick from about 20 yards out. Wayne Rooney takes the free kick. He tries curling it over the Russian wall of defenders, but he misses it just over the crossbar.
54' Craziness After Free Kick
After Harry Kane's free kick is crossed into the box, none of his teammates could slot into the net. A subsequent try forced Raheem Sterling offside to end the run of play.
53' Saved After a Poor First Touch
Raheem Sterling was in ahead of the defense and onside, but he could keep the ball down on his first touch. Luckily for England, Sterling was able to coax a foul out of Igor Smolnikov right at the edge of the 18-yard box.
49' England Clears the Danger
Russia has started off the second half with new life. They are more attacking and they show it off with pressure in the attacking third. A cross from Alexander Kokorin needs to be cleared aside within the 6-yard box. Some chaotic play there eventually is assuaged when England clears it away from danger.
46' Back to Action
The second half has kicked off in Marseille. Russia begins the half with possession. They switch sides and will now attack from left to right.
45' Halftime
Referee Nicola Rizzoli has blown the whistle to end the first half. England has been the better team in the opening 45 minutes, but they have nothing to show for it in the scoreline. Russia has weathered the storm despite not having a strong amount of possession. The score at halftime in Marseille: England 0, Russia 0.
42' Rose Delivering Again
It's Danny Rose once more from the far side. Rose delivers a cross into the 18-yard box that takes a deflection off of Raheem Sterling. Sterling couldn't reach the ball in time to take a proper shot on goal.
41' Shot-Cross From Rose
Danny Rose shows some good sight along the left wing. Rose looks up and sees Harry Kane racing along the near post. Rose takes a shot on goal, aiming at that near post. However, Kane is unable to reach the shot-cross, and the ball rolls out wide to the right. Goal kick to Russia.
39' Too Much on Through-Ball Pass
More great work along the near side this time by England. Adam Lallana sneaks past a couple of Russian defenders to move the ball forward. He leaves it off for Dele Alli. Alli then tries to return the favor by crossing it in with a through-ball pass along the right side, but it went ahead of a racing Harry Kane. Igor Akinfeev cut Kane off to retrieve the ball.
37' Crossing in After a Short Corner
Harry Kane takes the sixth corner kick of the match for England. Kane plays it short to Adam Lallana. Lallana passes it back to Kane, who elects to cross it in from an acute angle on the far side of the 18-yard box. Kane's cross gets picked off by Igor Akinfeev to end that chance.
35' Rooney Goes for Goal
As Dele Alli was seemingly under intense pressure along the near side, he was able to break through. He passes it back to the top of the 18-yard box. Wayne Rooney receives the ball, settling it on the first touch, and then goes for goal on the next touch. Rooney's shot on goal is saved by Igor Akinfeev, but it was one of England's better chances in the first half.
32' Beautiful Cross
Great vision by Wayne Rooney as he feeds the ball in from the middle of the offensive third into the 18-yard box. Rooney tried to reach Dele Alli, but the ball was cleared out of play by Igor Smolnikov. It'll be another corner kick for England.
31' Racing Back to Defend
While on the counter attack, Artem Dzyuba tried to deliver a cross from the far side. Little did he know that Wayne Rooney was racing back to help defend. Rooney was first to the ball, clearing it out of his defensive third.
28' Eager Harry
It was a strong run of play by England into the attacking third. However, Harry Kane was well ahead of the play. Adam Lallana delivered a pass into the 18-yard box to Kane, forcing the offside call.
24' Sterling Denied
Igor Smolnikov races in to slide the ball away from Raheem Sterling. Sterling was racing in on goal and was readying to shoot, but Smolnikov beat Sterling to the punch. He concedes a corner kick to England.
22' Lallana Shot
Adam Lallana could have given England the lead. Lallana was the recipient of a centering pass from the right wing. Lallana then tried to aim his shot to the bottom left corner, but it misses wide to the left.
21' Failed Cross
England gains an opening along the left wing as Raheem Sterling intercepts an open ball. Sterling pushes the ball forward to Danny Rose. Rose then tries to center the ball into the 18-yard box, but delivers a poor, low-driving ball that is easily picked off by Russia.
17' Shot After Free Kick
After a foul by Danny Rose on Artem Dzyuba, Russia earns a free kick from favorable distance on the far side. Oleg Shatov takes the free kick for Russia, and the ball meets the head of Sergey Ignashevich. Iganshevich's shot is headed directly on goal, but right at Joe Hart to make the save.
15' Clear Handball
While Dele Alli tries to maintain possession along the far side, Alexander Kokorin sticks his hand out to try and dispossess the England midfielder. Instead, he gets whistled for a handball.
13' Kane Goes for Goal
Wayne Rooney sends the ball across the pitch to Harry Kane. The Spurs striker elects to take a shot from long distance, but misses it high and well wide to the right.
12' Shot off a Corner
After an Eric Dier cross was headed out by Georgy Schennikov, England earns another corner kick. Harry Kane takes it again from the near side. Kane's outswinging delivery met the head of Chris Smalling. Smalling's shot was targeted on goal, but right at Igor Akinfeev, who made the easy save.
9' Great Connection
Raheem Sterling dribbles along the left wing, stops, and delivers a great cross. Sterling tried to find Dele Alli, who was standing near the penalty spot. Alli's deflection of the cross sends the ball wide to the right of the goal. Harry Kane was in the vicinity, but couldn't reach the ball. Had he done so, he might have been ruled offside.
8' Chance Denied
Harry Kane takes the corner kick on the near side for England, but the Three Lions are unable to immediately do anything with that opportunity. A subsequent cross into the box leads to an offside call on Chris Smalling to end that chance for England.
7' Huge Save
Kyle Walker showing some deft movement along the right side to cut into the opposing 18-yard box. Walker passed it ahead to Adam Lallana, who took the shot on goal. Igor Akinfeev quickly put his hands up to make the save over the crossbar. Corner kick coming for England.
6' In the Way of the Keeper
Joe Hart tried to send the ball forward, but his kick hit Chris Smalling directly in the back. Luckily, Hart was able to recover and send it ahead.
3' Alli Goes for Goal
Dele Alli takes a chance at goal. Alii shoots a volley from atop the 18-yard box, but his attempt misses high and wide to the right.
3' Aerial Battle
Adam Lallana and Roman Neustadter jump up to compete for the ball and the Englishman is the beneficiary of the battle. Neustadter is whistled for a foul. England quickly takes a short free kick.
2' Jittery Start
Raheem Sterling tries to deliver a through-ball pass, but is unable to connect with a teammate. Igor Akinfeev intercepts to put an end to that run of play.
1' Kickoff
We are underway in Marseille! England begin the match with possession, attacking from left to right. Quickly, Fedor Smolov commits a foul on Kyle Walker in the opening moments of the match.
0' Uniforms
Russia is donning an all-burgundy kit. England is in an all-white kit.
0' National Anthems
It's now time for the playing of the national anthems. First to be played is the Russian national anthem. That is followed by "God Save The Queen", the national anthem of England.
0' Waiting in the Tunnel
Both teams are lined up in the tunnel at the Stade Velodrome waiting to enter the pitch. Joe Hart is getting his team pumped up for the match, as he is oft to do.
0' Referees
The officials for tonight's match are an Italian crew. Nicola Rizzoli is the referee. He will be assisted by Elenito Di Liberatore and Mauro Tonolini. The extra officials on the touch lines are Daniele Orsato and Antonio Damato. The fourth official is Tasos Sidiropoulos of Greece.
0' Russia Lineup
In Russia's opening match at EURO 2016, Leonid Slutsky has readied his starting lineup. Here's the Russia starting 11, utilizing a 4-2-3-1 formation: Igor Akinfeev (GK); defenders Igor Smolnikov, Sergei Ignashevich, Vasili Berezutski, and Georgi Schennikov; defensive midfielders Roman Neustadter and Aleksandr Golovin; attacking midfielders Fedor Smolov, Oleg Shatov, and Aleksandr Kokorin; and forward Artem Dzyuba.
0' England Lineup
Roy Hodgson has named his starting lineup for England's opening match at EURO 2016. Here's the starting 11, utilizing a 4-3-3 formation: Joe Hart (GK); defenders Kyle Walker, Gary Cahill, Chris Smalling, and Danny Rose; midfielders Dele Alli, Eric Dier, and Wayne Rooney; and forwards Adam Lallana, Harry Kane, and Raheem Sterling.
0' Group B At a Glance
Earlier today in Bordeaux, Wales defeated Slovakia, 2-1. Gareth Bale scored Wales' first goal in an international competition since the 1958 FIFA World Cup on a free kick in the 10th minute. Ondrej Duda became a super sub when he leveled the score for Slovakia in the 61st minute, just a minute after entering the match. But, it was Hal Robson-Kanu who scored the match winner in the 81st minute to give Wales the 3 points in the standings.
0' Russia Overview at EURO 2016
For the fourth straight competition, Russia takes part in the Euros. Leonid Slutsky leads the charge for Russia in their hopes to reclaim past glory. Russia made it to the semifinals of Euro 2008, their best mark in an international competition since the end of the Soviet Union. It will be extremely important for Russia, who will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to show off their strength as a soccer nation during this tournament. Slutsky will rely upon the likes of midfielder Roman Shirokov and forwards Aleksandr Kokorin and Artyom Dzyuba to get his offense going. A veteran backline headed by Sergei Ignashevich and Vasili Berezutski will look to make trouble for opposing teams to score past their fellow CSKA Moscow teammate, goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.
0' England Overview at EURO 2016
The Three Lions appear to be one of the favored teams heading into UEFA EURO 2016. England was drawn into Group B along with Wales, Slovakia, and their opposition tonight, Russia. Roy Hodgson is hoping to lead his team deeper into the tournament after reaching the quarterfinals in 2012. With talented strikers Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge, and Jamie Vardy at his behest, Hodgson will have a bevy of goalscorers ready to lead England to their first ever European championship. Joe Hart will be the stalwart in net for England, barking out orders to a defense led by Gary Cahill and Chris Smalling. The England midfield is stacked as well with both veteran leadership in the form of James Milner, Jack Wilshere, Jordan Henderson, and Adam Lallana, and capable youth in the form of Dele Alli and Raheem Sterling.
0' Welcome
Welcome to tonight's third and final match of the day in UEFA EURO 2016. From Group B, it's England vs. Russia from the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Joe Hart1
Kyle Walker2
62' Gary Cahill5
Chris Smalling6
Danny Rose3
Dele Alli20
73' Eric Dier17
78' Wayne Rooney10
Adam Lallana8
Harry Kane9
87' Raheem Sterling7
Fraser Forster13
Tom Heaton23
Ryan Bertrand21
Nathaniel Clyne12
John Stones16
87' James Milner4
78' Jack Wilshere18
Jordan Henderson14
Ross Barkley19
Daniel Sturridge15
Jamie Vardy11
Marcus Rashford22
1Igor Akinfeev
3Igor Smolnikov
4Sergey Ignashevich
14Vasily Berezutskiy 90+2' 
21Georgy Shchennikov 72'
5Román Neustadter 80'
13Aleksandr Golovin 77'
10Fedor Smolov 85'
17Oleg Shatov
9Alexander Kokorin
22Artem Dzyuba
12Yury Lodygin
6Aleksei Berezutskiy
2Roman Shiskin
23Dmitry Kombarov
8Denis Glushakov 80'
11Pavel Mamaev 85'
15Roman Shirokov 77'
20Dmitry Torbinsky
19Alexander Samedov
18Oleg Ivanov
7Artur Yusupov
Roy Hodgson 
Leonid Slutskiy 
1Joe Hart
2Kyle Walker
5Gary Cahill
Yellow Card 62'
6Chris Smalling
3Danny Rose
20Dele Alli
17Eric Dier
Goal 73'
10Wayne Rooney
Substitution Jack Wilshere (on) 78'
8Adam Lallana
9Harry Kane
7Raheem Sterling
Substitution James Milner (on) 87'
13Fraser Forster
23Tom Heaton
21Ryan Bertrand
12Nathaniel Clyne
16John Stones
4James Milner
Substitution James Milner (on) 87'
18Jack Wilshere
Substitution Jack Wilshere (on) 78'
14Jordan Henderson
19Ross Barkley
15Daniel Sturridge
11Jamie Vardy
22Marcus Rashford
Roy Hodgson 
1Igor Akinfeev
3Igor Smolnikov
4Sergey Ignashevich
14Vasily Berezutskiy
Goal 90+2'
21Georgy Shchennikov
Yellow Card 72'
5Román Neustadter
Substitution Denis Glushakov (on) 80'
13Aleksandr Golovin
Substitution Roman Shirokov (on) 77'
10Fedor Smolov
Substitution Pavel Mamaev (on) 85'
17Oleg Shatov
9Alexander Kokorin
22Artem Dzyuba
12Yury Lodygin
6Aleksei Berezutskiy
2Roman Shiskin
23Dmitry Kombarov
8Denis Glushakov
Substitution Roman Neustadter (off) 80'
11Pavel Mamaev
Substitution Fedor Smolov (off) 85'
15Roman Shirokov
Substitution Aleksandr Golovin (off) 77'
20Dmitry Torbinsky
19Alexander Samedov
18Oleg Ivanov
7Artur Yusupov
Leonid Slutskiy 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
EnglandENG RussiaRUS
1 Goals 1
0 Assists 1
16 Shots 6
6 Shots on Goal 2
1 Saves 5
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
15 Crosses 16
6 Corner Kicks 4
331 Passes 335
6 Offside 2
9 Fouls Committed 16
1 Cautions/Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
52% Ball Possession 48%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1J. Hart 90 - 0 0 1 1
2K. Walker 90 0 0 0 - -
3D. Rose 90 0 0 0 - -
5G. Cahill 90 0 1 0 - -
6C. Smalling 90 0 0 0 - -
7R. Sterling 87 0 0 0 - -
8A. Lallana 90 0 0 0 - -
9H. Kane 90 0 0 0 - -
10W. Rooney 78 0 0 0 - -
17E. Dier 90 1 0 0 - -
20D. Alli 90 0 0 0 - -
4J. Milner 3 0 0 0 - -
18J. Wilshere 12 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1I. Akinfeev 90 - 0 0 1 5
3I. Smolnikov 90 0 0 0 - -
4S. Ignashevich 90 0 0 0 - -
5R. Neustadter 80 0 0 0 - -
9A. Kokorin 90 0 0 0 - -
10F. Smolov 85 0 0 0 - -
13A. Golovin 77 0 0 0 - -
14V. Berezutskiy 90 1 0 0 - -
17O. Shatov 90 0 0 0 - -
21G. Shchennikov 90 0 1 0 - -
22A. Dzyuba 90 0 0 0 - -
8D. Glushakov 10 0 0 0 - -
11P. Mamaev 5 0 0 0 - -
15R. Shirokov 13 0 0 0 - -
EnglandENG vs. RussiaRUS
Minute Event
90+4' Game Over  England 1-1 Russia
90+4' Half Over  England 1-1 Russia
90+3' Free Kick  Eric Dier (England)
90+3' Foul  Wilshere fouled by Denis Glushakov (Russia)
90+3' Throw-In  Alexander Kokorin (Russia)
90+2' Goal  Vasily Berezutskiy (Russia). Assist by Shchennikov
90+2' Shot on Goal  Vasily Berezutskiy (Russia)
90+2' Cross  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia) - Goal
90+1' Cross  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
90+1' Corner Kick  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
90+1' Cross  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
89' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
89' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
89' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
88' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
87' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
87' Substitution  James Milner (on). Sterling (off). (England)
85' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
85' Foul  Shatov fouled by Raheem Sterling (England)
85' Cross  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
85' Free Kick  Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
85' Substitution  Pavel Mamaev (on). Smolov (off). (Russia)
85' Foul  Kokorin fouled by Danny Rose (England)
84' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
84' Shot  Harry Kane (England)
84' Free Kick  Harry Kane (England)
83' Foul  Kane fouled by Denis Glushakov (Russia)
83' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
82' Offside  Harry Kane (England)
81' Free Kick  Eric Dier (England)
81' Foul  Kane fouled by Vasily Berezutskiy (Russia)
81' Cross  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
80' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
80' Substitution  Denis Glushakov (on). Neustadter (off). (Russia)
79' Shot  Adam Lallana (England)
78' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
78' Substitution  Jack Wilshere (on). Rooney (off). (England)
77' Substitution  Roman Shirokov (on). Golovin (off). (Russia)
77' Shot  Harry Kane (England)
73' Goal  Eric Dier (England)
73' Shot on Goal  Eric Dier (England)
73' Free Kick  Eric Dier (England)
72' Yellow Card  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
72' Foul  Alli fouled by Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
71' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
71' Offside  Adam Lallana (England)
71' Shot on Goal  Wayne Rooney (England)
71' Cross  Danny Rose (England) - Clearance In Play
70' Free Kick  Oleg Shatov (Russia)
70' Foul  Smolnikov fouled by Raheem Sterling (England)
68' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
68' Free Kick  Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
68' Foul  Kokorin fouled by Wayne Rooney (England)
67' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
67' Cross  Kyle Walker (England) - Headed Out - In Play
66' Free Kick  Kyle Walker (England)
66' Foul  Cahill fouled by Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
66' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
66' Cross  Kyle Walker (England) - Clearance Out of Play
65' Cross  Wayne Rooney (England) - Headed Out - In Play
65' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
65' Cross  Raheem Sterling (England) - Headed Out - In Play
64' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
64' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
63' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
63' Shot  Fedor Smolov (Russia)
62' Free Kick  Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
62' Yellow Card  Gary Cahill (England)
62' Foul  Dzyuba fouled by Gary Cahill (England)
62' Cross  Danny Rose (England) - Headed Out - In Play
61' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
61' Shot  Vasily Berezutskiy (Russia)
61' Cross  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Off Target
61' Corner Kick  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Off Target
60' Cross  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Blocked
60' Throw-In  Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
60' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
59' Shot  Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
59' Cross  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
59' Corner Kick  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
59' Cross  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
59' Corner Kick  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - Headed Out - In Play
58' Shot  Alexander Kokorin (Russia)
58' Cross  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia) - Off Target
58' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
57' Free Kick  Eric Dier (England)
56' Foul  Walker fouled by Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
56' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
56' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
55' Shot  Wayne Rooney (England)
55' Free Kick  Wayne Rooney (England)
54' Foul  Kane fouled by Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
54' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
54' Offside  Raheem Sterling (England)
54' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Completed Pass
54' Free Kick  Harry Kane (England)
53' Foul  Sterling fouled by Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
52' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
52' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
52' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
50' Free Kick  Danny Rose (England)
50' Foul  Rooney fouled by Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
50' Throw-In  Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
49' Cross  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Clearance In Play
47' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
46' Free Kick  Joe Hart (England)
46' Offside  Alexander Kokorin (Russia)
46' Start Half 
45+1' Half Over  England 0-0 Russia
45' Throw-In  Aleksandr Golovin (Russia)
45' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
45' Offside  Adam Lallana (England)
44' Free Kick  Joe Hart (England)
44' Offside  Artem Dzyuba (Russia)
44' Free Kick  Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
44' Foul  Dzyuba fouled by Raheem Sterling (England)
43' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
42' Cross  Danny Rose (England)
42' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
41' Shot  Danny Rose (England)
41' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
40' Cross  Igor Smolnikov (Russia) - Blocked
40' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
38' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
38' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
38' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
37' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Defended by Keeper
37' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - Completed Pass
36' Free Kick  Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
36' Foul  Adam Lallana (England)
36' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
35' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
35' Shot on Goal  Wayne Rooney (England)
34' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
33' Throw-In  Dele Alli (England)
33' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Clearance Out of Play
33' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - Clearance Out of Play
31' Cross  Artem Dzyuba (Russia) - Clearance In Play
29' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
28' Offside  Harry Kane (England)
28' Free Kick  Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
27' Foul  Smolnikov fouled by Harry Kane (England)
27' Throw-In  Danny Rose (England)
26' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
25' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
25' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
24' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Headed Out - In Play
24' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - Headed Out - In Play
24' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
23' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
22' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
22' Shot  Adam Lallana (England)
21' Throw-In  Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
20' Goal Kick  Joe Hart (England)
20' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
20' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
19' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
18' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
18' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
18' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
17' Cross  Danny Rose (England) - Directly Out
17' Shot on Goal  Sergey Ignashevich (Russia)
17' Cross  Oleg Shatov (Russia) - On Target
17' Free Kick  Oleg Shatov (Russia)
16' Foul  Dzyuba fouled by Danny Rose (England)
16' Free Kick  Danny Rose (England)
15' Foul  Alexander Kokorin (Russia)
15' Free Kick  Eric Dier (England)
15' Foul  Dier fouled by Oleg Shatov (Russia)
14' Free Kick  Wayne Rooney (England)
14' Foul  Sterling fouled by Igor Smolnikov (Russia)
14' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
13' Shot  Harry Kane (England)
13' Shot  Eric Dier (England)
13' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Off Target
13' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - Off Target
12' Shot on Goal  Chris Smalling (England)
12' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - On Target
12' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - On Target
12' Cross  Eric Dier (England) - Headed Out - Out of Play
11' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
10' Free Kick  Dele Alli (England)
10' Foul  Alli fouled by Román Neustadter (Russia)
10' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
9' Shot  Dele Alli (England)
9' Cross  Raheem Sterling (England) - Off Target
9' Free Kick  Joe Hart (England)
8' Foul  Walker fouled by Fedor Smolov (Russia)
8' Free Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
8' Foul  Akinfeev fouled by Chris Smalling (England)
8' Cross  Dele Alli (England) - Foul
7' Cross  Harry Kane (England) - Completed Pass
7' Corner Kick  Harry Kane (England) - Completed Pass
7' Shot on Goal  Adam Lallana (England)
6' Cross  Igor Smolnikov (Russia) - Blocked
5' Throw-In  Oleg Shatov (Russia)
5' Cross  Adam Lallana (England) - Clearance In Play
5' Throw-In  Kyle Walker (England)
4' Throw-In  Harry Kane (England)
4' Cross  Alexander Kokorin (Russia) - Clearance In Play
4' Goal Kick  Igor Akinfeev (Russia)
3' Shot  Dele Alli (England)
3' Free Kick  Harry Kane (England)
3' Foul  Lallana fouled by Román Neustadter (Russia)
3' Throw-In  Georgy Shchennikov (Russia)
1' Free Kick  Kyle Walker (England)
1' Foul  Walker fouled by Fedor Smolov (Russia)
1' Start Half 
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